Lifespan final

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Question Answer
what are the 4 areas of conttextcultural personal temporal and virtual
what are the 8 areas of outcomes?occuationalperformacne, prevention, health and wellness, quality of life, partcipation, role comptenece, well-being, and occupational justice
occuationalperformacne, prevention, health and wellness, quality of life, partcipation, role comptenece, well-being, and occupational justice are whatoutcomes
____provide the necessary prerequisite skills prior to purposeful acivitiespreparatory activities
what are the 8 areas of multiple intelegencelinguistic, spatial, logical/math, bodily/kinesthetic, music, interpersonal, intrapersona, naturalist
what are the three areas of cultural comoptence one must be aware ofcultural self-awareness, cultural knoweldge, and cross cultural skills
what is occupationaljusticeright of an individual to meaningful occupationas, access and engagement
what are the different intervention approachescreate/promote, estabilsh/restore, maintain, modify, prevent
what are examples of preparatory methodssplints, assistive tech, and env modifications, weheeled mobility
____is an action seleved and porvided to the client to target specific client factors or performance skills. An example is a cliend refolds towels taken froma clean linen cart addressing shoulder ROMPreparatory tasks
what is the hierarchy of ocucpation based activitespprep activities, purposeful activities, and then ocupation based activity
what are the 6 types of interventionspreparatory tasks, education, training, advocacy, self-advocacy, groups
what are the domains of wellnessphysical social emotional spiritual intellectual, educatons/vocational
_______ is a scientiic discipline concerned with the understanding of interactions among human and other elements of a system and methods to design in order to optimize human well being and overall systtem perforanceergonomic
_______ is an idea that all enviornments and products to the greatest extent possible should be easily accessed and used by everyone regardless of age, ability or ccircumstance. it includes design of the env and products that are useful across the human lifespanuniversadl design
what is an example of equitableusemeasuring cups, automatic doors
_____is a design that accommodates a wide range of individual preforences and abilitiesflexibilyt in use
what is an example of flexibility in usedifferent heights of chairs and benches
______ is use of the deigsn is easy to undersnad, regardless of the user's expreince, knoweldge, language skills or current concentrationlevelsimple and intuitive use
what is an examl of simple and intuitive usesimple signage
_____is the design communcates necessary information effectively to the user, regardless of ambient ondiions or the users sensory abilityperceptible information
what is an example of perceptible informationsidewalks, floors
______ is the design minimizes hazards and the adverse consequences of accidental or unintended actiontolerance for error
what is an example of tolerance for errorprovide woraning of hazards and errors
_____ the design can be sued efficientl and comfortably and with a minimu of fatiguelow physical effort
what is an example of low phyiscal effortseamless transitions in flooring
_____size and space for approach and use. Aprropriate size and saapce is provided for approach reach, manipulation and use regardless of users body size, posture or mobiltysize and space for approach and sue
what is an example of size and space for approach and usewide doorways
what is concept formationthe ability to organize info and develop idas based on the common qualities of ojects or sitations. it is linging ppieces of information or sensory expriences to form an udnerstanding of someething that is not concrete
what is metacongitionhavinga n awareness of ones own cog process and the abilit to manipulate and conrol ones own cog. Utilied in problem solving, monitor profress toward a solution and plan stagegies toward the problem
what is praxisthe abilty to ccarry out sequential movemnts, with correct itming and transitions between one movement and another
what is visual acuityis what allows us to detect forma nd contuour-to see things clearly near and far. we can use visual acuity to detect objects, differenitate between them adn discern details
provide a falls prevention class to a group of older adults at the local senior enter to encourage safe mobilty throghout the homecreate/promote
intervention approach- develop a structured schedule, chunking tasks to decrease the risk of being overwhelmed when faced with the many responsibilities of daily life rolesestablish/restore
intervention app- collaborate with a clint to help estabish morning routines needed to arrive at shool or work on timeestablish/restore
provide ongoing intervention for a client with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis to address participation in desired occupations through provision oof assistive techmaintain
intervention app- simplify task sequence to help a person with cognitive impairments complete a morning self care routinemodify
intervention app- consult with builders to design homes that will allow families to probide living space for aging parentsmodify
interveetion app- consult with a hotel chain to provide an ergonomics educational program designed to prevent back injuries in housekeepers