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cps refers to creative problem solving
PUT refers tohow we aim to practice use and teach the information
what are the 5 areas of life responsibility none of the above
project Try (Training Resources for Youth) was an early introduction of the Life Skills Model. It included the following concept(s)all of the above
though many of the initial Life Skills programs produced material that students felt improved their communication and social skills, one over-arching skill area was consistently harder to address. This was the area of problem solving
the prototype of Life Skills programs in Ontario wasall of the above
the B.J.R.T program had 3 areas of focus. these were: Life Skills training, academic upgrading and vocational exploration
what Toronto based organization develops and distributes Life Skills Training manuals and related educational resources?YWCA
the official definition of Life Skills emphasizes the following 3 conceptspersonal affairs of everyday life; being appropriate and responsible when using the skills; problem solving
the problem solving aspect of the Life Skills model emphasizes behaviors that are usable in many life situations
the appropriate and responsible use aspects of the Life Skills model emphasizesadapting behaviors to time and place; maturity and personal responsibility
the term used to describe the art and science of helping adults earn is andragogy
the term used to identify the art and science of helping children learn is pedagogy
the concept of Balanced Self-Determined Behavior would encourage a person toall the above
Dr. Adkins and Dr. Rosenberg conducted some of the initial research that the Life Skills model was based on. what client population(s) were their observations based on?educationally disadvantaged adults
other determined behavior is characterized bymaking decisions based on other people’s needs
selfishly determined behavior is characterized by expressing thoughts and feelings at the expense of others
according to albert bandura’s research, how does the concept of self esteem influence how adults learn?adults with high self-esteem are less threatened by the process of change
participants in a life skills group will respond to the content of the lesson on 3 domains. They are:affective, cognitive and psychomotor
which component of the Life Skills lesson would be associated with ‘posting a visual reference to help members understand what is expected’?goals
which component of the Life Skills lesson would be associated with ‘drawing out the affective and cognitive responses to a situation the coach presented’?evocation
which component of the Life Skills lesson would be associated with ‘an activity to practice an interpersonal skill associated with resolving a problematic situation’?skills practice
In 1965 the Federal Government funded the development of a program that was the precursor of the Life Skills model, called the NewStart Program. This program was part of the arsenal that was being designed to fight the ‘War on _______________’poverty
creative problem solving theory as it relates to the Life Skills model is based on the premise that problems are not usually solved. Instead they are ______?resolved
what stage in the learning process would Life Skills theory indicate someone was at if they were not able to be assertive but did not even realize they were lacking this interpersonal skill?unconsciously Incompetent
what stage in the learning process would Life Skills theory indicate someone was at if they were using a script they had practiced when asserting themselves to their boss?consciously competent
what stage in the learning process would Life Skills theory indicate someone was at if they had always had the ability to effortlessly manage time and organize tasks?unconsciously competent
life skills identifies different personal styles people tend to use when solving problems. If someone uses ideas and factual information to solve a problem what style would they be using?conceptual
the Life Skills Problem Solving model has 6 steps. The 1st two steps arerecognize the problem, describe and define the problem
the final two steps of the Problem Solving model are:Implement the decision, evaluate the outcome
In a Life Skills Group, we aim to:develop human relations or interpersonal skills
group process refers to:how we learn from and work with each other
the Critical Thinking phase of a Life Skills lesson plan is the most important part because:none of the above
the following is not an example of problem solving exercises as covered in your text:mystery circle
what are the 5 key areas to consider when developing a Life Skills Program?purpose, intake criteria, location, number and length of sessions, group size
log’s serve as _____________.self-reflection
what is the most important thing to keep in mind when developing a Life Skills program?the needs of the group members
DACUM stands for:Design A Curriculum
what aspect(s) of the Life Skills model is/are attributed to Ralph Himsl and Mary Jean Martin?all of the above
decision making and goal setting:are an integral part of the life skills process
name the individual who can be credited with the initial planning / involvement of the Canada NewStart Program.D. Stuart Conger
who are the two individuals that first introduced Life Skills at the YWCA of Toronto?Ann Richmond and Liz White
the three domains within a learner are:all the above
what are the 6 Steps of the Creative Problem Solving Model:recognize a problem, describe and define the problem, generate new ideas,make a decision, implement the decision, evaluation
what are the problem solving stylesall the above

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