Life's Eras and Periods

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Precambrian Eraformation of earth to first fossils of multicellular animals
Paleozoic EraFrom the Cambrian period to the Permian period
Mesozoic EraFrom the Triassic period to Cretaceous period
Cenozoic EraFrom the Tertiary period to Quaternary period

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Cambrian Period542-488mya Increased O2% and rapid diversification of life
Ordovician Period488-444mya Increase in marine organisms, mass extinction from glaciation of Gondwana
Silurian Period444-416mya Marine life rebounded from previous extinction, first vascular plants
Devonian Period416-359mya Coral, cephalopods, seeded plants, arthropods increases, Jawed fishes, land amphibians. Mass extinction from meteorites.
Carboniferous Period359-297mya Glaciers and swamps, winged insects, amphibians evolve, crinoids diversify
Permian Period297-251mya Pangea formed, reptiles evolve to mammals. Volcano eruptions lead to glaciation and mass extinction

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Triassic Period251-200mya Pangea breaks apart, reptiles evolve, mass extinction.
Jurassic Period200-145mya Laurasia and Gondwana form, flowering plants, flying reptiles & lizards.
Cretaceous Period145-65mya Flowering plants dominated, dinosaurs evolved more, warm humid earth. Lg animal mass extinction from meteorite.
Tertiary Period65-2.6mya Hot to cool temp, Increase in flowering plants, mammals, birds and reptiles. Bering land bridge brought variety to North America
Quaternary Period2.6mya to present Mini ice ages, hominid radiation and evolution, lg mammalian extictions from this.