Life skills #2 test

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in the life skills group the term process refers tothe way group members feel and think; group dynamics
the life skills model uses the theory of __________ to acknowledge the stages of development a group goes throughbruce tuckman
the concious and unconcious thoughts associated with the STORMING stage arei dont have time for this garbage
when planning the rationale component of the Life Skills lesson the coach should be sure to: explain why they think the topic and skill is important for these group members
9 components/phases of a lesson planwarm up, goals, rationale, stimulus, evocation, objective inquiry, skills practice, application, evaluation
what does the term emotional climate mean in relation to group workthe affective element of the group dynamic
the behaviour that is typical in the FORMING stage is polite, cautious, small talk
some main objectives of role-playing may include both a and c
its essential that life skill coaches received support, feedback and guidance on an ongoing basis so that they can continue to grow as professionals
individuals have 3 specific personal needs to be met in order to feel confident that their personal well being will not be overshadowed by the groups needsinclusion needs, control needs, affection needs
what is meant by the term cohessiveness as it relates to Life Skill group workall the above
the major focus of the PERFORMING stage is the concern about the well being of other members
the conscious and unconscious thoughts associated with the PERFORMING stage are i am proud to be a member of this group because i like the way we work together
when planning the skills practice component of the lesson the coach should be sure toinclude activities where members can practice the skill
according to your text "more and more, advocacy is becoming a central role for the life skills coach" advocacy meansactive support, as of a cause
when planning the EVALUATION component of the life skills lesson the coach should be sure to prepare a formal evaluation tool
Life Skills theory describes several reasons why subgroups resist becoming members of the larger group. Which of the following is NOT one of those reasonsare smokers and often come in late so they are not always connected with the process
the major focus of the NORMING stage is a concern aboutrules, order, organization and agreement
the major focus of the STORMING stage is a concern about: status and power
a coach is different from a facilitator in the following way(s):the coach is like a participant with expertise, a facilitator is more of an objective outsider
what is problematic about group members ‘rescuing’ other group members from painful thoughts and feelings or difficult realizations?both a and c
modeling is considered an important aspect of Life Skills coaching becauseadults learn by imitating the behavior of important people in their lives
the official definition of Life Skills emphasizes the following 3 conceptspersonal affairs of every day life; being appropriate and responsible when using the skills; problem solving
the problem solving aspect of the Life Skills model emphasizes behaviors that are usable in many life situations
what are the 5 areas of Life Responsibilityfriends, family, self, leisure, job
which component of the Life Skills lesson would be associated with ‘posting a visual reference to help members understand what is expected’goals
which component of the Life Skills lesson would be associated with ‘an activity to practice an interpersonal skill associated with resolving a problematic situation’skills practice
the Life Skills Problem Solving model has 6 steps. The 1st two steps arerecognize the problem, describe and define the problem
PUT refers to:how we aim to practice use and teach the information
group process refers tohow we learn from and work with each other
decision making and goal settingare an integral part of the life skills process
the critical thinking phase of a Life Skills lesson plan is the most important part becausenone of the above
DACUM stands forDesign A Curriculum

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