Life in Germany

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Depression Many unemployed + coalitions couldn't agree -nazis offered scapegoats and said they had solutions
Hitler imagePosters and rallies- superman - speeches blaming gov said he was last hope
SAAttracted unemployed young men and organised parades and intimidate op-impressed by disciple or scared
Josef goebbels Radio and posters -targeted dif audiences owned 8 newspapers -dif audience made targeted to them -vote

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Young Attracted by ideas and unemployment -work and bread
Women Make family life more important -reward them as mothers
Working classOutside bigger cities - more rights for workers-better working conditions
Middle classes Afraid of capitalism and communism -nazis promised to protect and impressed by SA -sense of discipline

Section 3

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Cicumstances- communist party had Lots of support
circumstances-nazi party had Limited support
Circumstances -hitter wantedAn election in1933 -more support
Who was blamed Marius van der lubbe -caught at scene -acted very strangely -arrested for 11months then beheaded
Views-Communists thought Nazi plot to blame them or lubbe had help of SA
Views Nazis started fire -dictatorship
Emergency decree-dictatorship Arrest anyone suspected of op , ended freedom of speech ,control the press
Act against opposition -dictatorship Many arrested -others scared to vote because of SA
Enabling act -dictatorship Make own laws without consent -do what wanted

Section 4

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How enabling act passed 444 votes to 91 with SA surrounding building
Why passed -SAIntimidation
Why passed -communist party?Banned-couldn't vote against
Why passed-support gain of...National and centre parties -defend church
Consequences workers Trade unions banned and wages decided
Consequences op Rival parties banned
Consequences local gov Banned
Consequences -nazi Nazi country and only nazi illegal

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