Lexical Semantics

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Question Answer
What is Lexical Semantics?The study of word meaning.
What is the Lexical Field?A group of Lexemes belonging to a particular area of specialist knowledge.
What is a Lexeme?A basic unit of meaning.
What does a Lexical Field lead to?Specialised Senses of a word.
PolysemyDifferent entries in a dictionary of the same phonological word.
HomonymsSeparate entries in a dictionary of the same word.
HomophonesSame word sound; such as 'four' and 'for'
HomographsSame word representation; such as 'bow' and 'bow'
Types of HomographsSame/different Syntactic Category and same/different spelling
SynonymyDifferent word, same meaning.
AntonymyWords with opposite meanings.
Four types of Antonymy?Simple, Gradable, Reverses, Converses
Simple AntonymyPositive and negative, i.e. 'dead' and 'alive'
Gradable AntonymyNot necessarily negative, i.e. 'old' and 'young'
Reverse AntonymyNormally directions, i.e. 'push' and 'pull'
Converse AntonymyAlternate viewpoints, i.e. 'employer' and 'employee'
Hyponymy/HypernymySubordinate terms of a word, i.e. 'dog' and 'cat' are terms of 'animal'
MeronymyParts of a whole, i.e. 'page' is a part of 'book'