Let's Pray the Rosary - Luminous Mysteries

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Luminous Mysteries (Thursdays)

1 : Baptism of Jesus (Mt 3:13-17; Mk 1:4-11; Jn1:29-34)

Question Answer
1John, the cousin of Jesus, baptizes people, encouraging them to repent.
2Jesus travels from Galilee and seeks out John, who is standing in the Jordan River.
3Seeing Jesus coming down the trail, John points and tells everyone, "Here is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world" (John 1:29)
4Jesus asks to be baptized along with all the others.
5John protests, telling Jesus instead, "I need to be baptized by you" (Matt 3:14)
6But Jesus says he must be baptized like everyone else.
7As Jesus rises up from the cold baptismal water, the glory of the heavens open up to him.
8Bowing his head, Jesus pauses to pray, and the Holy Spirit comes upon him like a dove.
9And God the father speaks, "You are my Son, the Beloved; with you I am well pleased" (Mark 1:11)
10Then Jesus goes out into the wilderness, where he fasts for forty days and the devil tempts him.

2 : The Wedding at Cana (Jn 2:1-12)

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1Jesus and his disciples are enjoying a wonderful wedding reception in the town of Cana.
2His mother, Mary, is also present, mingling with the crowd and enjoying the company.
3Suddenly, one of the servers discovers the wine has run out.
4Mary quietly calls Jesus over and lets him in on the server's embarrassing secret.
5Jesus asks Mary why that matters and acts unconcerned.
6But Mary knows better, and she simply tells the servers to follow Jesus' instructions.
7So Jesus tells the servers to fill the water jars, and they do so - up to the brim.
8Jesus then offers a taste of the water-turned-wine to the chief steward.
9Surprised by how excellent this wine is, the steward compliments the bridegroom for keeping the best for last.
10This is how Jesus first revealed his glory; as a result, the disciples begin to believe in him.


Question Answer
1In the synagogue, Jesus reads the passage from Isaiah that prophesies his mission.
2Jesus astonishes his listeners by telling them that the poor and those who mourn, show mercy, and make peace are "blessed" (Mt 5:3-11)
3Jesus calms the sea, walks on water, and performs many other amazing feats.
4Filled with compassion, Jesus heals many sick people, drives out demons, and comforts the brokenhearted.
5Jesus uses parables to help people understand his message.
6With just a few loaves and fishes, Jesus feeds thousands of people - just like he feeds us in the Eucharist.
7When praying, Jesus teaches his followers to use these words: "Our Father in heaven..." (Mt 6:9-13)
8Jesus instructs us to love even our enemies and to treat others the way we would like to be treated.
9Jesus chooses twelve ordinary men from different walks of life to help spread his message.
10Jesus says we must act on the Word of God to enter his kingdom.


Question Answer
1Jesus leads Peter, James, and John up a high mountain to pray in the quiet stillness.
2After a moment or two, his face begins to glow and his clothes become so brilliant the disciples can't even look at him.
3Before long, Moses and Elijah appear with Jesus and speak with him.
4Astounded and unable to contain himself, Peter says, "Master, it is good for us to be here; let us make three dwellings" (Lk 9:33)
5Then like a bright cloud, the presence of the Father comes over them and the whole mountain.
6God's voice booms out from the cloud, "This is my Son, my Chosen; listen to him!" (Lk 9:35)
7Upon hearing the voice of God, the disciples fall to the ground, motionless in fear and in awe.
8A moment later Jesus touches their shoulders, saying "Do not be afraid," and motions for them to get up and leave (Mt 17:7)
9When the disciples look around, they see no one but Jesus, and he looks normal again.
10Afterward, they tell no one what they saw that afternoon because they can't understand what happened there.

5 : Institution of the Eucharist (Mt 26:26-29; Mk 14:22-26; Lk 22:14-23; 1 Cor 11:23-26)

Question Answer
1Jesus sends a couple of his disciples to prepare a room where they can celebrate the annual Jewish feast of Passover.
2That evening, Jesus joins his disciples at the beautifully set table for a very special festival meal.
3The aroma of the juicy roast lamb permeates the room from the center of the table.
4Jesus tells the disciples that he really wants to be with them and that he has been looking forward to the celebration for a long time.
5At one point, Jesus interrupts the meal by getting up to wash the dusty, aching feet of each person present.
6Peter protests, but Jesus tells them they must all follow his example in how they treat others.
7Sitting back down, Jesus picks up a loaf of bread from one of the baskets, looks upward, and gives thanks to the Father.
8He blesses the bread, breaks it, and passes it around for everyone to eat, saying "This is my body" (Lk 22:19)
9Then he passes around one of the blessing cups for the others to drink, as well.
10He asks them all to repeat this ritual of the bread and wine in his memory for all time.