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Professional correspondenceDefined as the exchange of information in a written format for the business activities
Professional correspondenceMessage coming from one company sent to another company, inter-office communication, message between clients and organization
(1) Simplicity, (2) Conversational style, (3) Clarity of goal, (4) Public relations, (5) The “you’ attitude, (6) Courteous, (7) Sincere, (8) Coherence, (9) Conciseness9 Characteristics of a business letter (S2C5PT)
(1) Heading, (2) Date Line, (3) Inside Address, (4) Salutation, (5) Body, (6) Closing or Complimentary Close, (7) Signature Line, (8) Notations 8 Parts of a business letter
(1)Semi-block style, (2) Full-block style, (3) Modified Block style, (4) Hanging Style, (5) Memorandum Style5 Format of a letter
(1) Sales Letter, (2) Letter of Inquiry, (3) Letter Making a Reservation, (4) Order Letter, (5) Letter of Resignation, (6) Letter of Reference/Recommendation, (7) Letter of Acceptance, (8) Letter of Refusal, (9) Letter of Collection, (10) Letter of Complaint, (11) Letter of Adjustment11 Kinds of Business letter
Sales Letteroffers a product or service to the potential clients
Sales LetterInclude persuasive language in order to attract buyers or patronizers
(1) Attracting the attention of the reader, (2) Arousing Interest and desire, (3) Convincing the reader, (4) Issuing a challenge 4 Sales letter include:
Letter of Inquiry used to inquire pertinent information about the product, services, or policies of the company
(1) Purpose of your letter, (2) Brief introduction about yourself, (3) Courteous closing remarks3 Inquiry letter include:
Letter Making a ReservationPurpose of this letter is to place a reservation or order for a product or services in a company
Letter Making a ReservationShort and concise
Order Letter very simple letter that includes all the pertinent information about the product or services you want to avail which includes the quantity and the description
Letter of ResignationWritten by the employee addressed to the employer with an intention of terminating your bond of employer- employee relationship with the company
(1) Your objective, (2) Your Appreciation being a part of the company, (3) An appropriate closing strategy3 Resignation letter is composed of:
Letter of Reference/RecommendationWritten by a person who provides a character reference to a person usually a job applicant
(1) Your purpose, (2) Detailed Information about the person in terms of his strengths and weaknesses, (3) Appropriate closing remarks3 Recommendation letter is composed of:
Letter of Acceptance a positive message given to a request or offer
(1) Statement of what is being accepted, (2) Details of acceptance, (3) Appropriate closing remarks3 Letter of Acceptance is composed of:
Letter of Refusal contains a negative statements, formally announce a decline or rejection of any offer or proposal
Letter of Refusal Since it contains bad news, should be direct and written with courtesy
Letter of Collection written primarily with a purpose of informing the reader on his/her financial obligations and to remit the payment
Letter of Collection Challenge to achieve the aims but still maintaining the good relationship with the reader
(1) General reminder to settle due accounts, (2) Specify the amount to be settled, (3) Specify that it is a general reminder letter and should be disregarded in case payment was made already3 Letter of Collection is composed of:
Letter of Complaint formal written communication of dissatisfaction on products or services
Letter of Complaint Part of this letter’s objective is a replacement of the product or reimbursement
(1) Description of the complaint, (2) Suggest a solution, (3) Statement of expectation for an immediate response3 Letter of Complaint is composed of:
Letter of Adjustmentresponse to the letter of complaint; usually contains the logical and reasonable answer for the complaint given by the client; main objective is to pacify and address the concerns of the complainant
(1) Appreciation of the client’s effort to relay the concerns, (2) Expression of regret on the complaints, (3) Statement of the reasons, (4) Presentation of solution4 letter of Complaint is composed of:


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Memorandumscorrespondence used to disseminate information from one department to another department
(1) date (2) to & from, (3) subject, (4) the contents and message 5 Principal Parts of memorandum
(1) Giving recommendations, (2) Requesting for information, (3) Sending orders to employee, (4) Providing responses to queries, (5) Sketching out procedures, rules and regulations, (6) Reporting about finished actions or new information, (7) Finalizing business decisions7 Purposes of Memorandums
(1) Handwritten, (2) EmailTwo Forms of Memo
(1) Know you goal, (2) Do proper research on facts, (3) Choose your audience wisely, (4) label the top of the page with “Memorandum”, (5) Provide headings, (6) Subject line should be specific about the content, (7) Make your memo as readable, (8) Do not use salutations at your opening & ending, (9) Keep it short as one page9 Guidelines in Writing and Organizing Memos
(1) Subject line should be in all caps, (2) Set one tab to align entries evenly after Subject, (3) Leave 1-2 blank lines after the subject line, (4) Single-space all but the shortest memos. Double-space between paragraphs, (5) Use 1.25 inch side margins, (6) Handwrite your initials after your typed name, (7) Place bulletted or numbered lists flush left or indent them 0.5 inches.7 Tips in Formatting a Memo
Business Reportsbusiness presentations which are written for specific functions
Business ReportsWritten to propose a new idea to persuade the readers into something , or to merely give information
Informational Reportstype of business report which provide the employees and managers feedback regarding company decisions
(1) To control and monitor operations, (2) To implement policies and procedures, (3) To demonstrate compliance3 Types of Informational Reports
(1) Plans, (2) Operating Reports, (3) Personal Activity Reports3 Report to control and monitor operation
Plans and its sampleestablish expectations and guidelines to direct future action
Business PlanSummarizes a proposed business venture
Business PlanCommunicates the company’s goal
Business PlanHighlights how management intends to achieve goals
Business PlanExplains why costumers will be motivated to buy the company’s products or services
Operating ReportsProvides feedback on a wide variety of an organization’s functions including sales, inventories, expenses, shipments etc.
Personal Activity ReportsProvides information regarding an individual’s experience during sales calls, industry conferences, market research and trips
(1) Policy reports, (2) Position PapersReport to implement policies and procedures
Policy reportsbrief description of business procedures to manuals that run dozens or hundred of pages
Position Papersoutline’s an organization’s official position on issues that affect the company’s success
Reports to demonstrate compliance Sample are tax return reports and reports describing the proper handling of hazardous materials
Minutes of the Meeting Recorded flow of the meeting
Minutes of the Meeting Written to put into writing everything that transpired on the duration of the meeting
Minutes of the Meeting Serves as a guide for the succeeding meetings to come
(1) Opening, (2) Body, (3) AdjournmentElements of Minutes of the Meeting
(1) Name of the Organization, (2) Title of the Meeting, (3) Attendees, (4) Time, (5) Opening PrayerParts of OPENING in Minutes of Meeting
(1) Objective of Meeting, (2) Call to Order, (3) Points of Clarification and Discussion/DecisionParts of BODY in Minutes of Meeting
Name of RecorderParts of ADJOURNMENT in Minutes of Meeting


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ResumeServes as your marketing tool in order to land a good job
ResumeOutlines your education, qualifications and achievements
Resumeemployer will base the decision whether or not you will be accepted in the company
(1) Personal Information, (2) Work Experience, (3) Educational Background, (4) Seminars/ Trainings Attended, (5) Character References5 Parts of a Resume
Application for College Admissiona formal letter of intent from the student applicant required by colleges/universities
Application for College AdmissionIt outlines your objective and reasons in choosing school to take your college education.
Application for EmploymentUsed together with the resume and to convey your intention to apply for the vacant position in the company
(1) State when and where you learned about the vacant position, (2) Indicate your intention to apply for the vacant job, (3) Indicate the knowledge, qualifications and skills relevant for the job, (4) State the time availability for a possible call back 4 Application for Employment include paragraph that:

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