Lesson 14

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Question Answer
Blitheadj. happy; joyful; carefree
Cedev. to yield or give up; to transfer or render title to
Chagrinn. a feeling of disappointment, distress, or embarrassment
Debonairadj. graceful, charming, and smooth; seemingly carefree
Filialadj. of or expected from a son or daughter; of a parent's or parents' offspring
Interposev. to put between; to insert between parts; to interject during a conversation; to intervene
Intrinsicadj. belonging to a thing by its essential nature; inherent
Precipitatev. to cause something to happen; to bring about quickly or suddenly; Adj. reckless; rash; acting hastily pr impulsively
Proficientadj. advanced in a particular art or science; skilled; expert; qualified
Remissionn. a release from a debt or duty; a lessoning of intensity; a dimminishing