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Circumference C=2řr C=řd length = cm, m, in, ft, units
Area of square A=S^2 =L×W = B × H units^2,cm^2,in^2, m^2,ft^2.
Area of rectangle A=L × W = B×H units^2,cm^2,in^2,ft^2,m^2.
Area of triangle A=1/2 BH (base +height have to meet a 90)
Area of parallelogram A = B×H ( Base + height to meet a 90)units^2,cm^2,in^2,ft^2,m^2
Area of trapezoid A=1/2H (B,+B2) B,+B2 have to be parallel B+ it have meet a 90
Area of circle Ařr^2 units^2,cm^2,m^2,in^2,ft^2.
Radius -line segment from the edge of the circle to the center of r = 1/2
Diameter -line segment from edge to edge going through the center of the circle d=2r
Complyementary angles -2 45 that when added equal ( 90)
Supplementary angles -2 4 that when added equal 108
Adjacent angles Symbol for angle that are next to each other share a vetern
Vertical angles -4s that are opposite -share the same measurement Lx=Ly
Volume of cube =vol.= L×W×H=53 units^3,cm^3,ft^3,In^3 cubic units
Volume of triangle prismvol.=Area×Height =1/2 B×H
Perimeter of a triangle P=S1,S2+S3
Surface of a rectangle prism P=2L+2W =2B+2k
Surface are of a cube3D shape S.A=6s
Volume of cube Vol.=L×W×H units ^3,cm^3,ft^3,in^3,m^3 cubic units
Perimeter of a rectangle S.A=2A+2B+2C
Volume of cylinder vol.=area ×height =řr^2H units
Volume of sphere P=4s
Perimeter of a squar4/3 řr3
Surface area of a triangle prism 5 surface =2 uriangle +3 rectangle S.A=21 1/2B
Perimeter of a quadrilateralP=s1+s2+s3+s4

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