Les verbes réfléchis

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Question Answer
to buy (oneself)s'acheter
to kneel (down)s'agenouiller
to lie downs'allonger
to be calleds'appeler
to stop (oneself)s'arrêter
to advance (oneself) s'avancer
to move (oneself) aways'éloigner
to stretch (oneself)s'étirer
to express (oneself)s'exprimer
to dress (oneself)s'habiller
to bathe (oneself)se baigner
to rock (oneself)se bercer
to hurt (oneself)se blesser
to brush (oneself)se brosser
to hide (oneself)se cacher
to change (oneself)se changer
to fix one's hairse coiffer
to correct (oneself)se corriger
to go to bed se coucher
to cut (one's hair, oneself)se couper
to disguise (oneself)se déguiser
to take off one's makeupse démaquiller
to hurry (oneself)se dépêcher
to move (oneself) aroundse déplacer
to undress (oneself)se déshabiller
to shower (oneself)se doucher
to scratch (oneself)se gratter
to wash (oneself)se laver
to get upse lever
to put on one's make upse maquiller
to comb one's hairse peigner
to bend overse pencher
to get readyse préparer
to take a walkse promener
to shave (oneself)se raser
to back (oneself) upse reculer
to look at oneselfse regarder
to repeat (oneself)se répéter
to rest (oneself)se reposer
to turn (oneself) aroundse retourner
to wake upse réveiller
to dry (oneself) offse sècher