Les Taches Menageres

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From The Sheet

Question Answer
to sweep balayer
to cleannettoyer
to do the houseworkfaire le ménage
to vacuumpasser l'aspirateur
to wash the dishesfaire la vaisselle
to do the laundryfaire le linge
to ironrepasser
to tidy upranger
to make the bedfaire le lit
to dustépousseter
to cookcuisiner
to shopfaire les courses
to take out the trashjeter la poubelle
to wash the carlaver la voiture
to wash the windowslaver les vitres
to put out laundryétendre le linge

With Je

I did this from Google Translate/My amazing guessing skills so may not be 100% accurate. Beware, because some verbs/words are now different. Why did I do this? I made this because there is a big difference between the dictionary form of a chore and actually saying you are doing a chore.
Question Answer
i sweep je balaye
i cleanje nettoie
i do the houseworkje fais le ménage
i vacuumje passe l'aspirateur
i wash the dishesje fais la vaisselle
i do the laundryje fais le linge
i ironje repasse
i tidy upje range
i make the bedje fais le lit
i dustj'époussette
i cookje cuisine
i shopje fais les courses
i take out the trashje jette la poubelle
i wash the carje lave la voiture
i wash the windowsje lave les vitres
i put out laundryj'étend le linge

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