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Updated 2007-03-25 14:06


Offices held at the "Legendary" event.


First Last Offices Held
Ms. Marilou Alejo VP Community Service
Mr. Edward Batoon VP Financial Development, VP Public Relations, VP Pledge Education
Mr. Luis Bravo VP Faculty Relations
Ms. Tracy Chin Chancellor, Senior Vice President, Assistant VP Public Relations
Ms. Ann Choi Secretary, Historian, Assistant Pledge Educator
Ms. Jessica Dadoun VP Public Relations
Mr. Melvin Ewig VP Corporate Sponsorship
Ms. Angela Febre VP Community Service
Mr. Todd Frassetti VP Financial Development, Assistant Pledge Education
Mr. Willie Gao VP Community Service
Mr. Stanley Law None
Mr. Tommy Law VP Financial Development
Mr. David Le VP Finance
Ms. Krystle Lee Senior Vice President, VP Chapter Operations, VP Social Development
Mr. Derrick C. Lee Webmaster
Mr. Kenneth Licad VP Public Relations


Question Answer
Mr. David Lim VP Scholarship and Awards, Webmaster
Mr. Steven Ly Historian
Mr. Brian McMinn VP Professional Activities
Mr. Danny Mirasol None
Ms. Melanie Neishi None
Mr. Brandon Ngo VP Chapter Operations
Ms. Maryann Nguyen Secretary, Assistant Pledge Educator, President
Mr. Alberto Rocha VP Community Service, VP Scholarship and Awards, VP Professional Activities, VP Alumni Relations
Ms. Margo Rodriguez Secretary, VP Alumni Relations
Mr. Philippe Sudaria VP Scholarship and Awards
Ms. Marlene Tang VP Corporate Sponsorship
Mr. Tri Tang Historian
Ms. Priscella Theppanya VP Social Development
Ms. Leny Thou VP Faculty Relations
Mr. Kerry To VP Corporate Sponsorship
Ms. Daisy Tran VP Finance
Mr. Hung 2 Tran Secretary
Mr. Tony Truong Webmaster
Mr. Kenneth Wong Secretary, Webmaster
Ms. Angela Yu VP Professional Activities