Legal rights and responsibilities 2

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What are 3 things that can be reported in an incident report?Fall. Medication error. Blood product error.
What are 5 communicable diseases that have mandated reporting?TB 2. HIV/AIDS 3. Certain STIs 4. Chicken pox 5. Hepatitis
What is a living will?Outline of what we can and cannot do when a person becomes terminally ill or life threatening event
What is a durable power of attorney?Healthcare proxy to make medical decisions for the patient if they are incapable of doing so.
What is the client self-determination Act?Mandates that healthcare facilities give clients information on admission about rights to make informed decisions. Medicare Medicaid
When a patient has a 4 point restraint what are the nursing considerations?Release them hourly. Assess extremities/ circulation. Renew orders every 24 hours.

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