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What 4 components demonstrate competance? 1. maintain and communicate a choice 2. understand the relevant information 3. appreciate the situation and its consequences 4. manipulate the information in a rational fashion
What common test of cognition is not enough alone when assessing competence?MMSE. Need other qualifiers including understanding and manipulation
What are the 4 ethical principles when giving treatment?1. Beneficence, 2. Autonomy, 3. Non-maleficience 4. Justice
Who has parental responsibility?Mother, both parents if married at time of birth, legal guardian, local authority in care order or emergency protection order, court appointed resident
List 4 simple questions can use to asses competence1. What do you understand about your physical condition?, 2. What is the recommended treatment? 3. what do you and he Dr think will happen if you decided to accept/decline treatment? 4. What are the other options and their consequences?
Cn you give a blood transfusion to a kid of a jehovahs witness who refused?Yes. If can state it is life sustaining. Must document carefully and would be helpful to obtain colleagues opinion. It is under Duty of care and you are protected
List 4 examples of mandatory reportingnotification of communicable disease, child abuse, elder abuse, DV
When should the police be informed?Suspected or confirmed victim or perpetrator of a crime - NOTE VICTIM TOO


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Define mental illnessDisturbance of thought, mood, volition, perception, orientation or memory that impairs judgment or behaviour to a significant extent.
What things are required to detain under MHA?Known or suspected mental illness, no less restrictive method, Urgent assessment for patient safety and public safety