Legacy speech

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December 2 1999 is where it all started………….


While being born into the world i began to learn quickly how things worked


From learning how to talk , Walk , and read


It all started to form an expectation of everything i did


If i wasn't catching on as quickly or scoring a certain score on “important” tests I was becoming a static


A static that would stick with me for the rest of my life.


At the age of 5 i was first introduced to something that is defined as a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.


But it forced me to develop the worst mental disease a person can have in my opinion




Can you imagine a five year old overthinking ?


  I know you're probably like what could she have been overthinking about?


At first it started out small like what juice did I want at snack time but then


And only then did it get deeper and deeper .


By the next week i was analyzing If my body really needed sleep


  I was having an on going debate with myself .


The prop side of me that wanted to go to sleep used my Grandmother as a source


She use to tell me if i never got enough of sleep then the sleep monster would come find me and who knows what he would do that was the surprise. The con side said if i closed my eyes i was missing the best part of life.


At the same time i was overthinking , I began to dream too.


I started to make long term goals for myself at the age of 8
I wanted to be an Obstetrician Physician and i was going to go t Howard University’s medical school.


  Great right ? Starting early .


But that little thing named Overthinking stilled creeped up on me every once in awhile.


Going into middle school i was living in a judgemental world .


Everything I did was looked at


Every move i made there was an audience waiting for me to make the next move


I wasn't living free or for myself anymore


Our generation began to lie with the wickedness deep in my thoughts


When I got older it got worse and worse


Especially as I entered High School


Then we were watched by the big boys


Our freedom was some what taken away with just the ringing of a school bell the first day we walked into these doors.


We had to make a choice .


Either to live life how we wanted or live our life as “they” wanted which would somehow lead us into college


Older people say “oh high school is the best time of your life it will be easy for you”


Now of days I never seen someone struggle so much mentally then a high school student.


None of us are really free


  How many times in day do you do actually do something that YOU want to do ?


One or two times maybe None right ?


According to the system our education predicts about 75% of our income


So we are all here because we wanted a “bright future” right ?


Don't get me wrong i love school but I love feel of freedom waaay more .


It's time that we become free


Its freedom time


As i was writing this speech my dream began to change I no longer wanna be that Obstetrician or that top Prosecuting attorney . I mean it would be great if i was to become one


But now I want to help change the world


It's a job that takes more than one mind


In fact I don't even wanna change the world


I want to stark that those minds that is going to take the steps to start a change


And that very one person can be in this room.


So I tell you guys it's Freedom time .


It's time for us to leave the life we want and to not Overthink about it , or get the fear of being judged


We have to be free !


This legacy speak wasn't meant to tell you my story but this story was a way for me to influence others including me to live everyday like its my last because we only got one shot at this so why not make our mark how we want too ?


  This has inspired me more than i thought it would from now on it's no more regrets


From now on I will be fee


Get free, be who you're supposed to be