Leg muscles O and I

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Question Answer
Gluteus maximus- Oposterior 1/2 of crest of ilium, sacrum, coccyx, lumbar fascia
Gluteus maximus - Iposterior femur, IT band, greater trochanter
biceps femoris long head- O ischial tuberosity
biceps femoris short head- O lower 1/2 of linea aspera and lateral condyloid ridge
biceps femoris- Ilateral tibial condyle and fibular head
SM +ST - O ischial tuberosity
SM+ ST- Ibelow medial tibial condyle
rectus femoris - OAIIS and superior acetabulum
rectus femoris- Isuperior patella and patella tendon
vastus medialis - Olinea aspera and medial condyloid range
vastus medialis- I medial 1/2 of upper patella and patella tendon
vastus lateralis- Ogreater trochanter and upper 1/2 of linea aspera
vastus lateralis- Ilateral patella and patella tendon
vastus intermedialis- Oupper 2/3 rds of femur
vastus intermedialis- Iupper patella and patella tendon
gastrocnemius- Icalcaneus via achilles tendon
gastrocnemius- Omedial: medial femoral condyle; lateral: lateral femoral condyle
soleus- Oproximal fibula and 2/3rds of tibia
soleus- Icalcaneus via achilles tendon

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