Lecture 2

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Nylon nanocomposites characteristicsimproved modulus, strength, heat distort temperature, barrier properties
Nylon nanocomposites applicationsautomotive parts (ex timingbelt cover, engine cover, barrier, fuel line), packaging, barrier fielm
Polyolefin nanocomposites characteristicsstiffer, stronger, less brittle, lighter, more easily recycled, improved flame retardancy
Polyolefin nanocomposites applicationsstep-assist for GMC Safari and chevrolet Astro vans, heavy-duty electrical enclosure
M9 characteristicshigh barrier properties
M9 applicationsJuice or beer bottles, multi-layer films, containers

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Durethan KU2-2601 (nylon 6) characteristicsdoubling of stiffness, high gloss and clarity, reduced oxygen transmission rate, imporved barrier properties
Durethan KU2-2601 (nylon 6) applicationsbarrier films, paper coating
Aegis NC (nylon 6/barrier nylon) characteristicsdoubling of stiffness, higher heat distort temperature, improved clarity
Aegis NC (nylon 6/barrier nylon) applicationsmedium barrier bottles and films
Aegis TM OX characteristicshighly reduced oxygen transmission rate, improved clarity
Aegis TM OX applicationshigh barrier beer bottles
Forte nanocomposite characteristicsimproved temperature resistance and stiffness, very good impact properties
Forte nanocomposite applicationsautomotive furniture applicance

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Nanoparticles in SunscreenTiO2 and ZnO
Why are TiO2 and ZnO in sunscreen?they absorb and reflect UV rays
Nanoparticles in lipstickIron oxide
Why is iron oxide in lipstick?gives pigment in liptstick
Example 1 of Nanotechnology in MedicineAdvanced drug delivery systems
Example 2 of Nanotechnology in MedicineArtificial tissues and organs
Example 3 of Nanotechnology in MedicineBiological imaging for medical diagnostics
Example 4 of Nanotechnology in MedicineBiosensors for airborne chemicals or other toxins
Example 5 of Nanotechnology in MedicineMore durable, rejection-resistant
Example 6 of Nanotechnology in MedicineRegenerative medicine

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Three distinct features of nanoscale materialssize (or volume) effects, surface effects, interaction between domains
What makes size unique?size of clusters, grains (or particle) is on the order of a characteristic length scale of a physical phnomenon; also has an impact on the fundamental structure of materials
What makes surface effects unique?significant fraction of atoms contained in surface or interface regions like layered fimls or nanocrystalline materials; surfaces and interfaces play a major role in the fundamental structure and stability
What makes interaction between domains unique?structural interaction across interfaces; remote interactions like arrays of quantum dots

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