Lec 5 Health Promotion

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Question Answer
there is a link btw smoking and periodontitis, but what else?smoking and root surface caries
what are the 5 A's of tobacco intervention?ask, advise, access, assist, arrange
when should you ask pt about tobacco status and how often?it's for every pt at every visit, include it with the vital signs notation
how can you assist a pt to quit?set a date within 2 weeks, tell others so they can support, remove all tobacco products from house, anticipate challenges and withdrawls, Rx
what are diff approaches for quittingcold turkey, tapering, postponing
what are some first line Rx?Bupropion, nicotin inhaler, gum, nasal spray, patch, varenicline or Chantix
what is a second line Rx?Clonidine and nortriptyline
what is a follow up?call, text, in office or make referral for a more intensive program
what are the 5 R's for motivation?relevance, risk, rewards, roadblocks, repitition