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Learning Quickstart

Updated 2009-07-23 05:48

In a nutshell...

Click a "memorize" button in a memorize table to memorize its contents.



Then, 1. guess the answer in your head, 2. click the 'show answer' button, and 3. click the buttons which apply.

Memorize tables

Memorizing is the whole point of this site. Here is a sample memorize table. Try clicking "start memorizing" to try it out while reading the directions below.




When you click a "start memorizing" button you are put into flashcard mode by default. You can switch between modes at any time by clicking one of the "flashcard | matching | multiple choice" links that shows up under the tables after you click "start memorizing".

Flashcard mode

Guess the answer in your head, then click "show answer". Then click "I was right" if your guess was correct. Otherwise, click "I was wrong". Continue the process until the table fills back up.

Matching mode

Click on corresponding things in the table to match them back up. Keep matching until the whole table turns white again.

Multiple Choice mode

Several choices are randomly presented to you. Click the choice that is the correct answer. Continue the process until the table fills back up.

Editing while memorizing

You can double-click on words in a table to edit one row at a time while memorizing. This can be helpful when creating your own tables and refining them. Often improving and rewording things is the best part of the process. You can improve the tables, and add hints or mnemonics to help you remember. After editing while memorizing, be sure to finish the table and save when prompted, so your changes won't be lost. Note this doesn't work for tables created from memorize paragraphs.

Memorize diagrams

For some pages that let you memorize parts of diagrams (images and maps, etc), see Some Pages With Diagrams or Memorize Diagram Quickstart.

Combining tables together

It is often useful to memorize multiple tables combined together, after memorizing the tables individually. Clicking the "combine tables" link (right of page) lets you do so.

Memorize paragraphs

A memorize paragraph has a "start memorizing" button underneath it that dynamically creates a memorize table from a paragraph. Try clicking "start memorizing" after this example:


The symbol for Aluminum is predictably Al. Confusingly, the sybol for Copper is Cu. Among the oddest are Tin with the symbol Sn, and Lead with the symbol Pb.


Question Answer
To start memorizingclick a "memorize" button
The three memorize modesflashcard, matching, multiple-choice
How to switch to another modelinks for each mode appear under the table while memorizing
To edit while memorizingdouble-click a table cell
Good way to memorize tough contentdo multiple-choice mode, then matching, then flashcard
How to combine tables together and memorizethe "combine tables" link