Learning and Cognition

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Problem IsomorphsSet of problems that have the same underlying structures and solutions, but different specific details
Experts and Problem Solving1. develop top down processing 2. means-end heuristic 3. parallel processing 4. self monitor 5. judge difficulty of a problem 6. recover from errors
Functional FixednessAssign a function to an object and fail to think of it in any other way. to reduce this have flexible thinking.
Stereotype Threat (Shih Study)People allow a stereotype to define them. Asian Women did better at math when they were told that they were Asian but did worse when they were told they were women.
Hill-Climbing HeuristicAt each point there is a decision. Look at the long term solution or get distracted by the immediate next step
Matrices and Problem SolvingThis is a grid that shows all possible outcomes. Categorical info. Keep track of items.
Visual Images and Problem SolvingEscape from the boundaries of traditional representations. Construct an image.
Embodied Cognition and Problem SolvingUse the body movements to help solve a certain type of problem. -Gestures
Algorithm VS HeuristicAlgorihim gives a solution every time but may be ineffective. Heuristic is a general rule and ignores some alternatives.

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