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AQUATICadj., living in the water
ARRAYn., a large number, a collection
DEFENSE n., protection
DEFORESTATIONn., the removal of all trees from the large area
ENVIRONMENTn., the natural world
EROSIONn., loss of soil from action of water and wind
EXTENDv., to reach past, bigger
FELLv., to cut down
HABITATn., the natural area where plants and animals live
IMPACTn., a strong effect
INHIBITv., to prevent, slow down
INTERCEPTv., to catch
LOGGINGv., the cutting down of trees for commercial purposes
MYRIADadj., many, numerous
NUTRIENTn., food
POLLUTIONn., damage to air, water,etc
STABILIZEv., to keep from chainging, maintain
TERRESTRIALadj., living on the land
VANISHv., to disappear
VEGETATIONn., plants

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