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Question Answer
1.What does FM 6-22 cover?Army Leadership (Competent, Confident and Agile)
2.What does FM 7-0 cover? Training the force
3.Define Leadership.Leadership is influencing people by providing purpose, direction, and motivation while operating to accomplish the mission and improving the organization.
4.What is purpose?Purpose gives subordinates the reason to act in order to achieve a desired outcome.
5.What is direction?Providing clear direction involves communicating how to accomplish a mission: prioritizing tasks, assigning responsibility for completion, and ensuring subordinates understand the standard.
6.What is motivation?Motivation supplies the will to do what is necessary to accomplish a mission.
7.Describe the "Be, Know and Do".Army leadership begins with what the leader must BE, the values and attributes that shape a leader's character. Your skills are those things you KNOW how to do, your competence in everything from the technical side of your job to the people skills a leader requires. But character and knowledge while absolutely necessary are not enough. You cannot be effective, you cannot be a leader, until you apply what you know, until you act and DO what you must.
8.What are the three principal ways that leaders can develop others through which they provide knowledge and feedback?Counseling Coaching Mentoring
9.A leader's effectiveness is dramatically enhanced by understanding and developing what areas?Military Bearing Physical Fitness Confidence Resilience
10.What is military bearing?Projecting a commanding presence, a professional image of authority.
11.What is physical fitness?Having sound health, strength, and endurance, which sustain emotional health and conceptual abilities under prolonged stress.
12.What is confidence?Projecting self-confidence and certainty in the unit's ability to succeed in whatever it does; able to demonstrate composure and outward calm through steady control over emotion.
13.What is resilience?Showing a tendency to recover quickly from setbacks, shock, injuries, adversity, and stress while maintaining a mission and organizational focus.
20.Why must leaders introduce stress into training?Using scenarios that closely resemble the stresses and effects of the real battlefield is essential to victory and survival in combat.
22.What is communication?A process of providing information
23.Name the two barriers of communicationsPhysical Psychological
25.What is counseling?Counseling is the process used by leaders to review with a subordinate the subordinate's demonstrated performance and potential.
26.What are the three major categories of developmental counseling?Event counseling Performance counseling Professional growth counseling
27.Character is essential to successful leadership. What are the three major factors that determine a leader's character?Army Values Empathy Warrior Ethos
29.What is reverse planning?Reverse planning is a specific technique used to ensure that a concept leads to the intended end state.
31.What are the team building stages?Formation Enrichment Sustainment
32.Name some things in a unit that affect moraleMess Military justice Mail

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