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what attaches to triangular facet on talus?tibiofibular lig
Major blood supply to talus is located at the neck
superior surface of body of talus is referred to astrochlea
trochlea of talus is concave from medial to lateral
the head of the talus is located in the space btwthe sustentaculum tali and the tuberosity of the navicular
the anterior, posterior and medial facet are loacted on the head, neck , or body of talus?head
the neutral triangle of the calcaneus isan area of sparse bony trabeculae
where would a heel spur be locatedbony projection from the anterior aspect of the medial process of the calcaneal tuberosity
plantar fascitis occurson the central portion of the plantar aponeurosis on the medial process of the calcaneal tuberosity
groove for ? tendon under sust taliFHL
retrotrochlear eminence is located where to the fibular trochlea on the lateral surface of the calcaneus?posterior
groove superior to peroneal tubercle on calcaneus if for? and inferior is for ?superior FB, inferior FL
L shaped facetbtw 1 and 2 cuboid
kidney facetbtw base of 1st met and 1st cun
shape of facets on cuboid for metarsalsquadralateral for 4th met, triangle with apex lateral for 5th
groove on inferior surface of navicular forTP
lengths of mets2>3>5>4>1
ankle joint also calledtalocrural jt
weakest medial ankle ligamenttibionavicular ligament
what is the deep deltoid ligamentanterior talotibial ligament
which deltoid ligament divides into a superficial and deep portion?posterior talotibial lig
limiting factor in subtalar joint motioninterosseous talocalcaneal ligament
another name for calcaneonavicular ligmanetspring
only ligament in the foot w/elastic fibersspring
how many dorsal tarsometatarsal articulations are there?interosseous? plantar8 dorsal 3 inter 9 plantar
the deep transverse metatarsal ligament in the first interspace, divides into a dorsal and plantar component which surround the conjoined tendon of while the superficial transverse metatarsal lig ?adductor hallucis, interconnects the superficial slips of the central portion of the plantar aponeurosis at the heads of the mets
metatarsophalangeal plantar platethickening of the capsule that attaches loosly to the head of the metatarsal and firmly to the base of a proximal phalanx
collateral metatarsophalangeal ligments o and iattach to the tubercles on either side of the head of the met and tubercles on either side of the base of the proximal phalanx
metatarsophalangeal suspensory ligtriangular shaped capsular lig that attaches to the tubercles on either side of met head and sides of plantar plate
how many synovial cavities are there20(9 interphalangeal, 5 metatarsophalangeal, 6 within the intertarsal, tarsometatarsal and intermetatarsal)
majority of cells in the epidermis arekeratinocytes
blood supply to epidermisno blood vessels in epidermis, gets its blood from dermis
malignant melanoma in situlentigo maligna
transverse crural ligament is also calledsuperior extensor retinaculum
laciniate ligament refers to ? o and iflexor retinaculum, medial mall and med surface of cal
fibular retinaculum attachmentssuperior-lateral mall and lateral surf of cal, infer continuation of flexor ret and lateral surf of cal
EDB insertionST INSERTION lateral side of EDL to level of phalanx base & contribute to hood
what is the only m that inserts on the tuberosity of 5th basefibr brev
only m that originates on the tuberosity of 5th metabductor digitis minimi
what m's are inferior to DTML? superior?inferior-lumbricals, superior-interossei
brevis and longus relation to each otherlongus is posterior and lateral to brevis