Law Unit 2

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Question Answer
What is a right?entitlements of every individual.
What is a freedom?ability to live in a manner one deems fit without the interference of anyone else.
Before the Bill of Rights were there human rights?there was common and civil law.
Who passed the Canadian Bill of Rights?PM Diefenbaker.
Weakness in the Bill of Rights?did not apply to all levels of government.
What is the purpose of section 1 of the Charter?to be able to reasonably limit the rights and freedoms.
What does section 33 allow?allows governments to not withstand the fact they might violate rights and freedoms.
Latimer casedaughter with cerebral palsy is killed, compassionate homicide.
Vriend Caserecognized homosexual rights, right was added to section 15.
Keegstra Caseteacher taught kids false information and called it freedom of expression.
A.M. Casedrugs found in kids bag, section 8 violation because there was no reasonable suspicion.
Oakes Casecharged with possession and intent to traffic drugs, used violation of 11(d) innocent until guilty.
Morgentaler Caseabortion rights.
Burns Caseno more death penalty.
Ewanchuck Caseno more implied consent for sex.
Multani Casemust comply with religious symbols.

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