Law 9

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community pharmacy can only dispense this for opiod addictionnaltrexone and sublingual buprenorphine/naloxone
NP C2 discharged from rehab?no. only hospital, hospice, free standing surgical outpatient facility
max BUD for water containing oral formulations stored room temp14 days
nurse giving hospital patient insulin from multi unit vial has preservative and exp date 2 years from now. Maximum BUD?28 days
opened single dose ampule may be stored in ISO class 5 area and • May not be used
pharmacy may supply and control an automated dispensing device athospital, nursing home, skilled nursing facility. NOT a doctor’s office or free standing surgical care facility
required from collector from ultimate user of CS for DEA inventoryThe date of the inventory, unused inner liner on hand and each sealed inner liner on hand awaiting destruction:The number and size of inner liners (e.g., five 10-gallon liners, etc.); • (C) The unique identification number of each inner liner
quantities greater than of ipecac syrup require a prescriptionquantities greater than 1 ounce of ipecac syrup require a prescription
#48 can be sold without script and codeine 10/5 with guaifenesin 120 mlloperamide #48 can be sold without script and codeine 10/5 with guaifenesin 120 ml
Ella is prescription onlyElla is prescription only
preceptor license must have a pharmacist license in Michigan
sanctions could be imposed on pharmacist license• Probation • Limitation • Denial • Suspension • Revocation • Restitution • Fine • Take the MPJE
• A licensee who is moving to a new location shall apply and be approved for a new license for each location before moving
closing a pharmacyreturn pharmacy license to board, return unused DEA 222 forms to DEA, notify disposition drugs to board, notify disposition of prescription files to board, DEA registration certificate must go to DEA
• Do not have to report revoking power of attorney for the paper DEA 222 form
FDA regulatefood, vaccines, tobacco, cosmetics, medical devices
Robinson Patman Actselling drugs patients no connection hospital for reduced price hospital get in outpatient pharmacy
NPI is used to identify health care providers in HIPAA standard transactions
pharmacist give input on the draft of BOP rules at public hearing
a rule is often enforced by government agency
verified on State of MI websitecurrent professional license and disciplinary action on the license
CS advisory commission• Shall issue an annual report o The controlled substances advisory commission shall meet at least once each 3 months and shall report on its activities and make recommendations as described in section 7113 to the administrator, the governor, and the legislature at least annually • Drug control administrator is a pharmacist • Make recc for potential legislation
poison prevention enforced by consumer product safety commision
permanently schedules CSDepartment by rule