Law 8

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Question Answer
hatch-waxman actmade it so generics available
ways to violate the food, drugs, cosmetic actmisbrand, adulterate, unnaproved drug into interstate
can be disciplined after surrender or expiration of pharmist license?yes can still be disciplined
does a PIC have to be licensed in this state?yes
hospice box inspect weekly, drugs inside front cover, filed as other rxs are
original prescription must benumbered, dated, initialed or electronically signed by pharmacist, generic selection then man or supplier
night boxpharmacy not 24/7 used.....drug label name/strength/exp date/lot number
night box list meds reviwedat least once yearly
night box audit every30 days
medication kitemergency use, contents and exp outside surface lid
can partial fill c2 forLTC or terminal illness...make notation on rx
codeine with apapschedule 3
ketaminesched 3
pentazocinesched 3
anabolic steroidssched 3
diazepamsched 4
ambiensched 4
butorphanolshced 4
somasched 4
lomotilsched 5
robitussin ACsched 5
apap with codeine elixirsched 5
pregabalinsched 5
fiorinalsched 5
methyltesteronesched 3
fioricetnot a scheduled medication
CS inventory doneapril 1 to june 30. sent to board
sched 1 can be dispersed?nope locked. others dispersed or locked
inventories on site
scriptson site
executed 222 formson site
power of attorneyon site
voided 222son site
financial and shipping invoicescan be off site
to do central recordkeeping notify dea can begin _________ days after do this14 days
transmit to central fill byelectronic or fax
collection recepticle records take back have to be kept on site?nope
sealed inner liners can be stored LTC _________ business days3
CS order inpatientpt name, doc name/address/DEA (can have list), signatuere, drug info necc, date
no pharmacy at site can only have ADD at LTC. CS license additional and dEA registration
exempt schedule 5 labelpharmacist name, address/name pharmacy, date
manufacterur or wholesaler must licensed mi to do business mi?yes
DVM doctor needs to prescribe CS?DEA number, address, state DVM license number
patients record vaccine-vaccine lot number, vaccine manu, name-title of adminaster, date VIS provided, edition VIS used, date admin
public health code scripts how long5 years
DEA scripts how long2 years
med D10 years
ADP electronic records 16 mo instant access on site then available ___ 72 hrs
invoices/inventory 2 years
central recordkeeping get in _________ if DEA requests48 hrs
sig log pharmacist dispensing keep2 years
maintain central fill records5 years...retrievable 48 hrs
cancer drug rep program records for5 tears
ADD records5 years
sdafed records 2 years
transfer pharmacy closing inventory keep records 2 years