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corresponding responsibility An order purporting to be a prescription issued not in the usual course of professional treatment or in legitimate and authorized research is not a prescription within the meaning and intent of section 309 of the Act (21 U.S.C. 829) and the person knowingly filling such a purported prescription, as well as the person issuing it, shall be subject to the penalties provided for violations of the provisions of law relating to controlled substances.”31
good faithApplication of good faith to a pharmacist means the dispensing of a controlled substance pursuant to a prescriber's order which, in the professional judgment of the pharmacist, is lawful.
methadone can only be dispensed by a pharmacy if being used forpain- not detox
exempt schedule 5 rule: opium substanceNot more than 240 cc (8 ounces) or 48 solid doses any single 48 hour period
exempt schedule 5 rule: guafenisin with codeineNot more than 120 cc (4 ounces) or 24 solid doses any single 48 hour period
exempt schedule 5 rule purchaser ageat least 18 years old
exempt schedule 5 rule container • Affix to the container in which the substance is dispensed a label that shows the date, RPh own name, and the name and address of the place of practice in which the substance is dispensed
exempt schedule 5 rule record keepingrecord with pages bound together of o Name and address of the patient o Name and address of the purchaser if different from the patient o Name and quantity of substance purchased o Date purchased o Name or initials of the pharmacist or pharmacy intern who dispensed the substance o Medical purpose for which the medication is being used as determined by the pharmacist (state requirement)
MAPS reporting• Report all CS Prescriptions dispensed • Electronically transfer data to MAPS by end of next business day • If notified of error correct & return in 7 days • Can be disciplined if fail to report
Exemptions to Reporting to MAPS• CS administered directly to patient • Dispensed from a health facility in a treatment quantity of less than 48 hours
MAPS what do if animal?use owners ID
what if under 16 or no ID to use for MAPS?use zero
ephedrine is schedule 5 except Except for OTC blister pack, soft gelatin capsule, not less than 400mg of guaifenesin and not more than 25mg ephedrine in blister pack
must be certified with DEA for location to sell sudafed..
to buy sudafed must be how old18
records for sudafed must be kept2 years
must self certifiy sudafed trainingannaully
Report to DEA any unusual or excessive loss/disappearance of sudafed/ephedrine withino Orally to DEA at earliest practicable opportunity after becoming aware o Within 15 days in writing becomes aware of the circumstances
sudafed logbook must containo Purchaser name and address o Date and time of the sale o Date of birth of buyer o Description of product (name) sold and quantity o Description of ID used and number on ID o Customer must also sign the logbook or use electronic signature
logbook of sudafed may only be shown to local, state and federal law enforcement
max amount sudafed sold patient per day3.6 grams
maxy amount sudafed in 30 day period9 grams
altnerate forms id sudafedmust see photo ID
sudafed prescription?This does not apply if PSE and EPH are obtained pursuant to a prescription
Sodium oxybate-GHB – Zyremrequires diagnosis on prescription 21 CFR1306.05(c)-only available through certain pharmacies
clozapineat first only one week at a time...within 7 days of blood draw! doctor, pharamcy, and patient must enroll
epoetin alfa prescriber and pharmacy must enroll
Fentanyl buccal soluble film-Onsolisprescriber, patient, pharmacy enroll.
Fentanyl sublingual tablets-Abstralprescriber, patient, pharmacy enroll.
accutane-isotretinoinprescriber, patient, pharmacy enroll. one month at a time
thalidomide-thalomidprescriber, patient, pharmacy enroll. 28 days supply no oral refills....filled within 7 days
Health Professional Recovery Program: reasons can be admittedReasons can be admitted to HPRP • Substance abuse (SA) • Chemical dependency (CD) • Mental illness • Use of drugs or alcohol-not meeting SA or CD

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