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temporary tech licensestudying for exam...good for 1 year
limited tech licenseo The individual was employed as a pharmacy technician by a pharmacy on December 22, 2014 and has been continuously employed by that pharmacy since that date. o The individual provides documentation of satisfactory employment as a pharmacy technician for a minimum of 1,000 hours during the 2-year period immediately preceding the date of his or her application under subdivision. only can work for that one company
preceptor requirementsone year of practice as licensed pharmacist. not more than 2 interns per pharmacist on duty at one time. submit training affidavits annually to board
license display requirementsdisplay in a place visible to the public in the principle place of work. -may make photocopies to display other work sites. shall have a card available for inspection a card containing essential info on license
what is consented to with license?chemical analysis, physical, and mental exam
after license expiries what is the grace period?60 days can continue to practice but insurances may not honor this grace period.
relicensure of lapsed license lapsed up to 3 yearssubmit application and late and renewal fees, verify did 30 hours of CE
relicensure of lapsed licencse lapsed at least 3 years but not more than 8 yearssuubmit application and late fees, verify 30 hrs CE, take and pass MPJE, within 6 months of applying- complete program of experience not less than 200 hrs
lapsed at least 8 yearsuubmit application and late fees, verify 30 hrs CE, take and pass MPJE and NAPLEX, within 6 months of applying- complete program of experience not less than 400 hrs
unsubstantiated allegations on license history removed after _________ years if no further allegations5 years
CE requirements more than 1 year but less than 2 need 15 hrs CE with 1 hour pain management
CE requirements 2 years30 hours CE- 10 live and 1 hour in pain management
max CE per day is12 hours
all CE certificates or proof attendance must be kept4 years after the renewal of license
1 hour CE is50-60 mins can not count breaks or meal periods
CE waiver for:o Upon written application due to:  Licensee's disability  Military service  Absence from the continental United States  Circumstance beyond the control of the licensee which the board considers good and sufficient
requirements for a CS prescriptionpatients full name and address, prescribers name and address (must also have delegating docs DEA/name), DEA and professional designation, drug name/strength/dosage form, quantity prescribed and numberic or written checked off or writen, directions for use, signed and dated
paper CS prescription if for animal then needsanimal species
schedule 2 prescriptions requirementsmay issue more than one schedule 2 on a single prescription form but do not mix with others. cant be on same form though if has a do not fill date. valid for 90 days from date written, do not fill date cannot be changed verbally.
verbal script schedule 3-5requirements for a CS prescription plus+ Transmitting agent’s identity  A prescription issued by an individual practitioner may be communicated to a pharmacist by an employee or agent of the individual practitioner. 21 CFR§1306.03 o Pharmacist who received the verbal CS RX MCL 333.17739
electronic CS prescription requirements beyond the written Rxmust meet DEA requirements pharmacy, prescribers telephone number, time and date of transmission, name of pharmacy intended to receive the Rx,
pharmacy application for electronic CS scripts....Hire a qualified third party to audit the application to determine standards are met Or have the application reviewed and certified by a (DEA) approved certification body Pharmacy to have a copy of this report. must limit who has access and pharmacy to back up daily all electronic prescriptions. what happens electronic stays electronic.
non CS agent• A prescriber may designate an agent to act on behalf of the prescriber • Not required to be in writing to be a valid designation • If written may transmit document to a pharmacy that will dispense a prescription issued by that prescriber
A prescription in electronic format that is contained within a patient's chart in a health facility may contain more than 6 prescriptions and may contain prescriptions for schedule 3 through 5 controlled substances and noncontrolled substances on the same form.
agent for CS prescriptionsmust have employee/employer relationship to act as agent, nursing home though usually they are not--hospice as must call it in. if a nurse does than must call the doc to verify. or need written document pharmacy needs from doctor to have that nurse call in-no happen much though. • Copy of agent agreement should be with: o Agent o Agent's employer o Pharmacies
partial fill of a schedule 2 o Make notation of quantity supplied on face of written RX or in electronic RX record o Supply remainder in 72 hrs. o If can’t fill the remainder must notify the prescriber
partial fill C2 patient in LTC or terminal illnesso Make notation on RX of LTC or terminal illness o Note on electronic record or back of RX the following o Date, quantity, remaining quantity, RPH ID o Can’t exceed the original quantity prescribed o Valid for a period of not more than 60 days from the issue date
emergency dispensing schedule 2...4 criteria= neccessary for proper treatment, no alternative okay, not possible doctor provide written, quantity prescribed and dispensed limited to amount adequate treat patient during emergency period
emergency dispensing schedule 2 requirements when callingpresciber and pharmacist only, within 7 days must provide script written and signed and given by mail or in person, must have written on its face authorization for emergency dispensing, attach to the oral RX,
if doc fails write written script within 7 days of emergency• Pharmacist must notify the nearest DEA Diversion Field Office and the Department if the prescriber fails to provide a written prescription within seven days. If the pharmacist fails to do so, his/her authority to dispense without a written prescription will be void.
3 situations where fax schedule 2 may serve as original• To be compounded for direct admin to patient by parenteral, intravenous, intramuscular, SUBQ, or intraspinal infusion. • Sched 2 for Long term care facilities patients • Sched 2 for patient in hospice care – note on script for hospice patient.
Pharmacist may add or change after consultation with and agreement from the prescriber including schedule IIaddress patient, dosage form, drug strength, drug quanitity, directions for use, issue date, supervising doctor
verbal change to schedule 2 cannot change:patients name, controlled substance prescribed, prescriber's signature, do not fill date
schedule 3-4 prescription requirements important info valid for 6 months or 5 refills, can do more than one per form.
schedule 5 prescription valid how long?valid for one year unless partially filled then valid 6 months
Refills when computer system down must enter asap-within 48 hrs
The pharmacist issuing a written or oral copy of a prescription shall cancel original and record cancellation, date copy issued, to whom, and name of pharmacist who issued the copy
pharmacies sharing a real time database (chain) and copiesmay transfer up to the max refills permitted by law and prescribers authorization (do not have to worry about only transfering c3 once)
Can transfer original unfilled electronic controlled prescription First pharmacy chooses not to fill o One time basis
must be on a CS transferall required info for a CS RX, Date of issuance of original prescription. (ii) Original number of refills authorized on original prescription. (iii) Date of original dispensing. (iv) Number of valid refills remaining and date(s) and locations of previous refill(s). (v) Pharmacy's name, address, DEA registration number, and prescription number from which the prescription information was transferred. (vi) Name of pharmacist who transferred the prescription. (vii) Pharmacy's name, address, DEA registration number, and prescription number from which the prescription was originally filled.
must be on a non-controlled transfer The written or oral copy issued shall be a duplicate of the original prescription except that it shall also include the prescription number, the name of the pharmacy issuing the copy, the date the copy was issued, and the number of authorized refills remaining available to the patient.
only _________ can delegate prescribingDO and MD
PA can be delegated to prescribeany noncontrol or control
NP or NMW can be delegated to prescribe3-5 and very limited C2
RN can be delegated to prescribenon controls but no controls
CRNA can delegated prescribenon controls but no controls
MD or DO can prescribeanything
DPM can prescribedoctor of podiatric medicine- anything
OD can prescribeoptometrist- i. A topically administered or orally administered prescription or other drug for the anterior segment of the human eye ii. A topically or orally administered antiglaucoma drug iii. An orally administered prescription or other drug used for the anterior segment of the human eye and adnexa this could include a controlled substance in schedule 3, 4 or 5 iv. Does NOT include any schedule 2 drug (except Norco) v. Does NOT include any oral cortical steroid
DVMvet- for animal any schedule. cannot prescribe for humans
out of state MD or DO non-controlmay dispense...also include Canada.
out of state MD or DO controlmay dispense c. State means state, district, territory or insular possession of the U.S. (so not Canada)
out of state dentist non controlmay include Canada
out of state dentist controlmay dispense
These are NOT Prescribers• Chiropractor DC • Physical therapist PT, RPT • Psychologist PhD • Dental Hygienist RDH • Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine ND • Doctor of Audiology AuD • Occupational therapist OT • Respiratory therapist RT, LRT
NP or nurse midwife c2 delegation restrictionsdoc and NP practicing within freestanding surgical outpatient facilities, hospitals, or hospice. patient is located within those, no more than 7 day period of therapy upon discharge of a patient.
what must be on the delegated CS prescription? for namesprinted name and signature delegatee, licensure designation, name delegating prescriber, dea for both
electronic signature meansmeans an electronic sound, symbol, or process attached to or logically associated with a record and executed or adopted by a person with the intent to sign the record38
signature papermanual controls and non
signature fax to faxmanual signature controls and non (only 3 situations can do C2)
signature computer to faxelectronic signature non controls. cannot do controls
signature computer to computerelectronic signature for all controls and non

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