Latin Semester Test 1

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What is the first sentence of the aeneadOf war and a man I sing, who first from Troy's shores, an exile by the decree of fate, came to Italy and Laviniums shores
what is the second sentence of the aeneadMuch was he tossed on sea and land by the violence of the God's, because of cruel Juno's unforgetting anger
what is the third sentence of the aeneadMuch too, did he endure in war as he sought to bring his God's to Latium
what is the last sentence of the aeneadFrom him are descended the Latin people, the elders of Alba, and the walls of Lofty Rome!


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who wrote the aenead?Virgil
who asked him to write the aenead?Emperor Augustus
why did he asked him to write it?he was trying to reform society. and the Roman's stopped with their responsibility
what was the aenead supposed to remind/teach the romansthey were descended from the god's, they were destined to rule the world, they needed to be more responsible
who was the main character of the aeneadAeneas
who was his fatherAnchises
who was his motherVenus
who was his first wifeCreusa
who was his second wifeLavinia
who was his sonAsconius
when was aeneas first named?aeneas was not named until line 92 in the aenead so romans would keep their focus on the roman situation


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