Latin Prepositions

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Question Answer
ad+acc to towards
ad summam senectutemto extreme old age
ad octingentos caesithey were slain to the number of 800
pugna ad Alliambattle at Allia
ad primam lucemat daybreak
ad hocmoreover
ad tempusfor a time
ad verbumword for word
nhil ad Atticumnothing (in comparison) Atticus
nihil ad remnothing to the purpose
adversus, adversum+acc against, opposite to
adversum Antipolimopposite to Antipolis
reveretia adversus senesrespect towards the aged
apud+acc at, near
apud meat my house
apud veteresamong the ancients
apud Homerumin Homer's works
ante oculosbefore one's eyes
ante meridiembefore noon
ante aliquem esseto surpass someone
post tergabehin the back
post mortemafter death
pone+acc behind
circum, circa+acc around (place)
circa, circiter+acc around (number)
circum caputround the head
circa primam lucemaround daybreak
cis, cistra+acc on this side of
trans+acc across
ultra+acc beyond
ultra Eupratembeyond the Euphrates
ultra viresbeyond their powers
contra+acc against, opposite to
erga+acc (not place) towards
benevolus erga aliquemfeeling kindly towars someone
extra+acc outside off
extra culpamfree from blame
intra+acc within
intra viginti dieswithin twenty days
inter+acc between (place), during (time), among
constat inter omnesthey all agreed
inter se amantthey love each over
infra+acc beneath, under
infra dignitatembeneath one's dignity
supra+acc over, above
supra viresbeyond one's strength
supra milia vigintiover twenty thousand
iuxta+acc next to
ob+acc over against, on account of
quam ob remwherefore
mihi ob oculosbefore my eyes
penes+acc in the power of
penes te es?are you in your senses?
per+acc through (by)
per me licetI give leave
per vimby force
per te deos oroI pray you by the gods
per exploratoresby scouts
praeter+acc beside, past, along
praeter omnesbeyond all others
praeter meexcept me
praeter opinonemcontrary to expectation
prope+acc near
prope lucemtowards daybreak
propter+acc on account of
propter hocon this account
secundum+acc next, along, according to
secundum legemaccording to the law
secundum nosin our favour
Italiam versustowards Italy
clam+acc unknown to
ab ortu ad occasumfrom East to West
a senatu stetithe took the side of the senate
ab urbe conditafrom the foundation of the city
ab irain anger
ab reirrelevant
absque+abl without
palam+abl in the sight of
coram+abl in the presence of
de diein the daytime
de die in diem, diem ex diefrom day to day
de moreaccording to custom
ex marmore signuma marble bust
ex quofrom the time when
pro parentein the place of a parent
pro certofor certain
pro reaccording to the circumstances
tenus+abl as far as
verbo tenusas far as the word goes
in diesdaily
in temporeat the right time
sub lucemtowards daybreak
sub noctemtowards nightfall

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