Latin History Overview

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Question Answer
Vergiltells the story of aeneas
Lavinia Aeneas future wife daughter of fing latinus
DidoQueen/Founder of Carthage
Ascanius Aeneas son
Rhea Silvia Mother of Romulus and Remus, daughter of numitor
Mars Father of Romulus and Remus
Lupa She wolf that saved romulus and remus
RomulusOne of the founders of rome, first king of rome
Remus other founder of Rome killed by Romulus
FaustulusShepard that raised Romulus and Remus
Sabines Tribe near Rome, first women of rome came here, also the fisrt roman people
LivyRoman author, source of roman historical accounts
Mucius Scaevola spy for rome sent to kill ecstusean king but killed his secretary instead
HoratiusGaurded the bridge and held of the esctruseans himself
CloeiaTaken hostage by the estruceans and frees herself and other women held against their will
Etruscans Tribe to the north of rome, last 3 kings
Tarquinius superbus7th king of rome etruscans
Lucreatia attacked by sextus, tarquinius' son, thats what ended the monarchy, she eventually killed herself from the guilt
CincinnnatusDictator for 3 weeks, held evry government position possible, compared to george washington
Scipio Africanusdefeated carthage in the 2nd punic war
Carthaginians bitter enemies of rome, punic wars
HannibalGeneral of Carthage who tried to attack rome with 300 elephants
Gracci Brothers social reformers for the common people who were killed by the patricians
Julius CaesarRoman General who was assasinated on the Ides of March (march 15, 44 bc) who conquered gaul
Augustusfirst emporer ruled through the pax romana
Caligulahad his horse as an advisor
NeroBlames the christians for burning Rome
Titusruler when Mt. Vesuvius erupted, destoying Jeruselum
Trajenhelped rome reach its largest
HadrianBuilt defense wall across north britain
Marcus Aureliuslast successful emporer
ConstantineHelped reunite the empire, accepted christianity
Romulus AgustusLast western emporer
Claudiusmade britain a province, known as the smartest emporer
Patricianspoliticians, highest class
EquitesWealthy upper class
Plebliansworking class, common people
Freedmenformer slaves
Slaveconsidered property majority of the population
Res publicarepublic
SPQRsymbol of roman republic, Senate and people of Rome
VetoI forbid, held by the tribunes
Twelve Tablesconstitution of the romans , displayed in the forum
Cives/Citizenspeople of rome
Pax RomanaRoman Peace
Aedilein charge of public works and entertainment
Censorofficial in charge of taking census, puts people in classes and decides how much taxes each class pays
Consulhighest government officials
DictatorHad absolute power for 6 months, put into position in an emergency
Pontifex MaximusHighest priest
Popular Assembliesgroup of 600 men who elected officials and would veto laws
SenatusSenate, advisor to king and emperor, proposes laws and handles finances
Senatorsenator, appointed to Senate for life once elected to a government position