Late Twentieth century art

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What did the center of the Western art world shift from Europe to the United states?1946 Post WWII
What is the term coined by artist Jean Dubuffet to characterize art that is genuine, untaugh, and coarse?Art Brut
What was the main content of the work of the postwar New York School?The war and existentialism
What were the sources for Pollock's Abstract Expressionist art?Surrealism
Characterize Abstract Expressionism.Action painting, energetic
Name the New York artist who was most famous for his great black shapes on a white ground.Franz Kline
The terms gestural abstraction and Action Painting are most apporpriate for the work of which Abstract Expressionist artist?Willem de Kooning
What is the name for an American art movement that emerged in the 1960's and was charcetrized by a cool, detached rationality emphasizing tighter pictorial control?Post painterly abstraction
Characterize the artists working in the POst painterly abstractionist styleno reference to the outside world
who was the painter who divided his single color fields with bands he called "zips"?Newman
Who was the Abstract Expressionist artist who created mysterious clouds of color that seem to float on an ambiguous background?Rothko
Who was a hard-edge abstractionist?Ellsworth Kelly
Who is the artist who developed the technique called "soak-stain"?Helen Frankenthaler
Characterize the paintings and prints of VasarelyIllusions of movement created by patterns
What was Jean Tinguely concerned with?Movement, effects of change, endearing machines
Name the sculptor who believed that "the only stable thing is movement" Jean Tinguely
Which artist used junk cars as sculptural material?John Chamberlain
What is strict adherence to, or dependence on, stylized shapes and methods of composition, and an emphasis on an art work's visual elements rather that its subject?Formalism
David Smith is noted for a series of large metal sculptures called what?Cubi
Who were the artists wanted to eliminate all refernces outside the work of art?Minimalists
Name two sculptors whoc reated simple stainless steel machine tooled forms.Donald Judd, David Smith, Anthony Caro
Name the artist who said she wanted her pieces to be "nonart, nonconnotive, nonanthropomorphic, nongeometric, no nothing, everything, but another kind, vision, sort".Eva Hesse
Which artist created massive temporary sties that consisted of wrapped buildings, or, in one case, eleven small islands?Christo
Characterize Environmental Art.Transforms the environment, established dialogue
Who is the Pop artist who posed friends in opulent California settings with convinving realism and sly social commentary?David Hockney
This artist did a series of faces and targest.Jasper Johns
Whats is a composition made by pasting together pcitures or parts of pictures, especially photographs, called?Photo montage
Which artist greatly admired the ideas of the composer John Cage?Robert Rauschenberg
Along with Warhol and Rauschenberg, name a Pop artist.Oldenburg, Lichtenstein, Ruscha
Pop Art, and art that utilized the techniques of advertising, industrial design, and Hollywood movies were at their heights during what decade of the 1900's?The 1960s
What were the Photorealist painters also called?Superrealists
What is an American Avant-garde art trend of the 1960s that made tima an integral element of art? It produced works in which movements, gestures, and soudns of persons communicating with an audience replace physical objects. Documentary photographs are generally the only evidence remaining after these events.Performance Art
Who is famous for his performance art that explores the mysteries of modern life?Joseph Beuys
What is a group of American, European, and Japanese artists of the 1960s who created Performance art? Their performances often focues on single actions, such as turning a light on and off or watching falling snow, and were more theatrical thatn Happenings.Fluxus
What is an American avant-garde art movement of the 1960s that asserted that the "artfulness" of art lay in the artist's idea rather than its final expression?Conceptual Art
Name a Conceptual artist.Sylvia Plimack Mongold, Barbara Kruger
In this large piece, feminist Judy Chicago used traditional female craft techniques to honor famous women of the past as well as to honor the many women who had worked anonymously in the past creating works of great beauty. She wanted to educate the public about the role of women in history and the fine arts.The Dinner Party
This artist created "femmages".Miriam Schapiro
Name a contemporary Conceptual artist.Barbara Kruger
Who does photography of plastic dummies, protesting the exploitation of the female body?Cindy Sherman
What is the name for the art movement that emerged in the 1970s and that reflects the artist' interest in the expressive capability of art, seen earlier in German Expressionism and Abstract Expressionism?New Expressionism
What are the traits of Neo-Expressionism?Use traditional imagery with variety of media, reassess values/challenge stereotypes
This artist created large expressive pieces using fiber materials.Magdalena Abakanowicz
Who is the African-American artist who combines traditional media and technique with abstract form to create handcrafted objects that acknowledge many sources of inspiration?Martin Puryear
What is a 20th century movement that portrayed American rural life in a clearly readable realist style (for examples, Grant Wood's American Gothic)?Regionalism
Who was deeply involved in the use of computer technology for the creation of art?Sonia Landy Sheridan, David Em
Who is an experimental video artist?Nam June Paik
What is strict adherence to, or dependence on, stylized shapes and methods of composition, and an emphasis on an artwork's visual elements rather thatn its subject?Organic Formalism - Modernism
What are architects Richard Rogers and Renzo PIano known for constructing?Pompidou/Beabourg
What is a good example of Postmodernist architecture?AT&T, Portland, Pompidou/Beabourg
Which architect designed an addition to the National Gallery in Washington, D.C.?I.M. Pei
Which Architect designed the Kimball Art Museum?Louis Kahn
Characterize postmodernism.It distrusts the Western Ideas of progress and objective truth
A great distrust of the WEstern ideas of progress and objective truth, as well as the view that all cultures are equally valid, is typical of the general movement known as what?Post-Modernism
This architect designed the Vitra Museum.Frank Gehry