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Question Answer
RR a/w _________ studycohort
OR a/w _________ studycase control
prevelance a/w _________ studycross sectional
cohort studies can examine rare _________exposures (ex effects of mult exposures)
case control studies can examine rare _________dz (ex mult types of exposure)
OR is most accurate est of RR in rare _________dz
prevelance and predictive val high prevelence -> high ppv, low prevelance -> high npv
ARR eqq(risk ctrl / total ctrl) - (risk exp / tot exp)
RR eqrisk tx group / risk ctrl group
risk tx group eq# at risk tx group / total
risk ctrl group eq# at risk ctrl group / total
RRR eq1 - RR
LR + eqsensitivity / 1 - spec.
LR - eq1 - sens / spec.
RR eq 2x2A/(A+B) / c/(C+D)
OR 2x2 eqA/C / B/D
anion gap eqNa - (Cl - HCO3)
EF eq and nLSV / EDV (nL = 55-75%)
predicted HR max220 - age (85% HRmax -> stop stress test)

spinal levels

Question Answer
bicep reflex, elbow flexorsC5
brachioradialis reflexC6
extensor carpii radialis reflex, wrist extensorsC6
pronator teres reflexC6
triceps reflex, elbow extensorsC7
finger flexor reflexC8/T1
small finger abductorsT1
hip flexorsL2
knee extensors (quads)L3
LE adductor reflexL3
ankle dorsiflexors (tibialis anterior)L4
LE patella reflexL4
long toe extensors (extensor hallucis longus)L5
medial hamstring reflexL5
ankle jerk reflex (achilles)S1
lateral hamstring reflexS1
heel walkL5
toe walk, ankle plantar flexors (gastroc, soleus) S1


Question Answer
nn shoulder abduction, sense lateral shoulderaxillary
nn elbow flexion, sense lateral forearmmusculocutaneous
nn thumb opposition, sense lateral palmmedian
nn finger extension, sense dorsolateral handradial
nn finger ab/adduction, sense medial hand ulnar
nn thigh adduction, sense medial thighobturator
nn knee extension, sense anterior thighfemoral
nn knee flexion, sense posterolateral calfsciatic
nn toe extension, sense dorsal footperoneal
nn toe flexion, sense plantar foottibial


Question Answer
sacral Backward torsion METlay side of axis, pt look Back, extend hip, lift
sacral Fwd torsion METlay side of axis, pt Face down, flex hip, lift
Rib inhalation s/d METF for pump handle, SB for bucket handle, hold in exhalation
Rib exhalation s/d MET rib 1scarlet o hara, rib 1 head to ceiling (anterior, middle scalene)
Rib exhalation s/d MET rib 2scarlet o hara, head 30 deg to ceiling (posterior scalene)
Rib exhalation s/d MET rib 3-5scarlet o hara, elbow to c/l ASIS (pec minor)
Rib exhalation s/d MET rib 6-9scarlet o hara, push arm anterior (serratus anterior, lats)
Rib exhalation s/d MET rib 10-12scarlet o hara, pt adducts arm (lats, quadratus)


Question Answer
mean age menarche is _________ y/o and earlier in _________ race 13, AA
puberty orderadrenarche (androgen), gonadarche (FSH/LH), thelarche (breast), pubarche (pubes), growth spurt, mearche
precocious puberty in boys mc <_ y/o and mcc is _________ 9y/o, adrenal hyperplasia
_________ or _________ is a cause of isosexual precocious puberty (early puberty appropriate for sex) in 10% of casesCNS lesion or trauma
3 mcc virilization and precocious puberty in FCAH, exogenous androgens, androgen secreting ca
_________ for rx of precocous puberty 2/2 high LH/FSH in HPA d/oGnRH analouge
_________ hormone for growth of ov follicle and _________ hormone for endometrial growth in follicular phase of cycleFSH, E
_________ hormone for ovulation in luteal phaseLH
_________ hormone maintains endometrium, increases body tempprogesterone
_________ yr(s) of amenorrhea for menopause dx1
osteoporosis risk in post-menopause due to dec _________E
mgmt of XY F pt with androgen insensitivity w/ testiclesremoval for testicle ca ppx
secondary amenorrhea with + progestin challengepcos, cushing, anorexia, HPO dysfxn
secondary amenorrhea with high FSH/LHov failure
secondary amenorrhea with low FSH/LHHP dysfxn
PMS should only occur in _________ half of cycle, do psych w/u 2nd
mcc F infertilityendometriosis
___ is endometrial ttissue in myometrium causing uterine enlargement and cyclical painadenomyosis
mcc androgen excess in Fpcos (high LH and DHEA)
pcos dx requires at least 2 of these 3anovulation, high androgen, polycystic ovary u/s
pcos pt high risk for _________ ca d/t 2/2 high _________ secretionendometrial, E
mc STD chlamydia
Gm stain w/ nothing on cervicits ptchlamydia
ceftriaxone for _________ and doxy for _________gonorrhoeae, chlamydia
_________ a/w chandelier sign (touching cx cause pt to jump to to cieling)PID
suspect ___ in pt w/ PID with s/sx sepsis or peritonitistubo ovarian abscess (IVF, abx, drainage)
RPR and VDRL become neg. w/ syphilis, but _________ is always +FTA-abs
std bug that can't be culturestreponema (syphillis)
_________ is mcc vag bleed s/p menopause, but must r/o ___atrophic vaginitis, endometrial ca
ov ca a/w precocious pubertygranulosa theca cell
ov ca a/w virilizationsertoli leydig
u/s ov with irregular nodules, mult septa, pelvic extensionmalignant tumor
u/s ov w/ smooth edges, cystic masses, few septabenign tumor
suspicious mam show _________ or _________hyperdense region or calcifications
_________% breast ca missed on mam (usually upper outer quadrant)20


Question Answer
mc viral gastro in adultsnorwalk
mc acute viral gastro in kidsrotavirus
bact GI infxn mc d/t ___food
___ dx is a/w low plt, hemmolytic anemia, ARF HUS (e coli 0157:H7)
HBV sAg, eAg, IgM core Abacute infxn
HBV IgM core Ab onlywindow period
HBV sAg, eAg, IgG core Abchr infxn, active replication
HBV sAg, no eAg, IgG core Abchr infxn, not active replication
HBV sAB and cAB IgG recovered infxn
HBV sAB onlyvacc
pt w/ dysphagia, do ___ before egd d/t lower riskbarium swallow
secondary achalasia d/t _________, ca, sclerodermachagas
esoph dx- nitrates relieve pain from _________, but worsen sx of _________esoph spasm, GERD
mc esoph ca world widesq cell
mc esoph ca usaadeno
GERD rx causing gynecomastia cimetidine
ulcer 2/2 severe burncurling
ulcer 2/2 head traumacushing
barium swallow findings c/w ca include ulcer w/ ___, mass near ulcer, or irregular ___ abn mucosal folds, filling defects
PUD pts who need NSAID therapy, give _________COX 2 selective
PPI must be stopped before measuring _________ for accuracygastrin
gastritis mc in theantrum
h pylori gastritis in the ___ and pernicious anemia gastritis in the ___antrum, fundus
mcc adult chr diarrhealactose intol
ischemic cholitis usually involves _________ side of colon and spares _________left, rectum (collateral circulation)
post op ileus usually lasts <_________ days, small bowel nl in _________ hr, stomach in _________ hr, large bowel in _________ days5 days, 24, 48-72, 3-5
FAP, turcot synd, garnder synd have _________ mutationAPC
FAP + bone and soft tissue tumorsgardner synd
FAP + CNS tumorsturcot synd
sx of HoBG fasting, HoBG, improvement with CHO load is _________ triad c/w _________ dxwhiippple, insulinoma
insulinoma are usually ___ (numerous, solitary), and may be seen w/ _________ syndsolitary, MEN1
migratory thrombophlebitis s/p pancreas catrousseau synd
in _________ AST/ALT are equally high, in _________ AST>ALT >2:1 viral hep, etoh liver d/o
____ can result from infxn w/ portal HTN, parcentesis w/ high PMN, protein, and LDH, and low glucose spont bacterial peritonitis
paracentesis w/ high albumin, LDH 60% of serum LDH, worry abt ___ neoplasm
paraneoplasms a/w ___ include high RBC, HoBG, watery diarrhea, high Ca, skin lesionshepatoma
absence of ganglia in bowel, megacolon, baby can't pass stool hirschsprung
mcc bowel obstruction in 1st 2 yr of life intussusception (currant jelly stool, sausage like mass)