Laser Targets

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LASER Targets

Question Answer
Black tattoo on dark skinned individualQ-Switched ruby
Deep rhytidsCO2 laser
Superficial rhytids on dark skinFraxel laser
Port wine stainPulsed dye
Superficial venous malformationND: Yag
Capillary malformationPulsed dye
Acne scarringany infrared laser (ND:Yag, erbium)

Other skin care tidbits

Question Answer
Hypo pigmentation from CO2 laser is most pronounced in what Fitzpatrick types1 and 2
Lasers are contraindicated how long after Isotretinoin use?6-12 months
Hydroquinone mechanismtyrosinase inhibitor used to prevent post-peel hyper pigmentation in dark skinned individuals
Tretinoin mechanismdecreases cohesiveness of keratinocytes
Croton Oil in Phenol Peels serves what function?Enhances the effect of the phenol
Midline botox injection around the mouth causesFlat lip
Hyaluronic acid changes how after injection?Absorbs water and expands

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