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Grammar Terms

Question Answer
Uses of a nouncan be used as a subject,object,possesive, or predicate noun
Subject nounthe key noun on the subject side
Possesive nouna noun that shows ownership usually with apostrophies
predicate nouna noun that follows a linking verb and restates or renames the subject of the sentence.
Object nounother nouns that arent subjet predicat or possesive, an object
pronouna word that can replace a noun reffering to a person or thing
subject pronouna word that replaces the subject noun
subject pronoun words i ,you,he, she,it,we,you,they
object pronouna word that replaces an object pronoun or follows an action verpor prep.
object pronoun wordsme, you,him,her,it,us,you,them
possesive pronouna word that replaces a possesvie pronoun
possesive pronoun wordsmine,my,your,yours,his,her,hers,its,their,theirs,our,ours,your,yours
demonstrotivea word that points out a person or thing, it can stand alone
words for demonstrativethis,that,these,those
antecedenta word or words to which a pronoun refers it MUST be a NOUN
predicate pronouna word that replaces a predicate pronoun, it followsa linking verb and restates the subject
words for predicate pronouni,you,he,she,it,we,they