Language Analysis

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Section 1

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LanguageThe principle means by which humans communicate
PhoneticsStudy of speech sounds in the physical world
Articulatory PhoneticsHow speech sounds are spoken
Auditory PhoneticsHow speech sounds are heard
Acoustic PhoneticsThe physics involved with speech sounds
PhonologyHow sounds are organised in a given langauge
MorphologyStudy of how smaller units are combined into words
SyntaxHow words and phrases are combined
SemanticsStudy of the meaning of words, phrases and sentences
LinguisticsThe scientific study of human language and communication

Section 2

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SoundWaves created by disturbance of air
Pulmonic Egressive usesdiaphragm, outwards
Glottalic Egressive usesglottis, outwards
Glottalic Ingressive usesglottis, inwards
Velaric Ingressive usestongue, inwards
Supra/ SubAbove/ Below

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