Land use

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Question Answer
land use is forfarming, mining, recreation, cities, highways
urban land mainly covered with buildings and roads
ruralfew people, large areas of open space
urbanizationmovement of people from rural areas to cities
metropolitan areascities that have grown together
infrastructureall things built for public use
urban crisisdeteriorating urban infrastructure
urban sprawlrapid expansion of city to countryside around city
marginal landland poorly suited for building
heat islandsincreased temps in urban area/city
urban planningdetermining in advance
open spaceland set aside for public parks, gardens, trails
green beltsstrips of natural land, absorbs Co2, filer pollution
rangelandused for grazing livestock
overgrazingdamage to rangeland
rangeland managementranges are public land leased to ranchers
sustainable rangeland management smaller herds
forest landstrees provide: paper, furniture, homes
virgin forestnever cut
native forestplanted and managed
tree farmsplanted in rows, harvested like other crops
clear cuttingharvests all trees in area
selective cutting cutting mature trees
deforestation clearing of trees without replacement
reforestationreplanting or regrowing of trees
wilderness corridors strips of protected land
parks and preservesprotected public lands
wildernesslands protected from all exploitation
benefits of protected areas more species survive, natural areas, recreation
threats to protected areas population, climate change, urban areas getting closer
ecosystem servicesresources all people need to live
industrial revolutioncaused people to move to cities
developed countries1880-1950
developing now
urban areas reduce heat by planting trees for shade, white roofs to reflect heat, "green" roofs with plants