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Revitalize e.g. economy Make great again
Pump money into sth To give a lot of money to a plan or organization <ładować coś w coś, pompować w coś pieniądze> They've pumped millions of pounds into the economy
To pursue To follow, chase, e.g drems, happiness
Take a sip To drink, taking only a small amount at a time <sączyć, popijać> She sipped her champagne. Take a sip <łyk łuczek> He took a sip of his coffee and then continued
To pursue a policyProwadzić politykę
Rapid advances in sth Quick developments
Frowned upon sth Disapprove of sth, criticize
Grow in popularity Become popular
Keep sb in the dark Utrzymywać w nieświadomości
To be in the knowWiedzieć coś
Come into being Start to exist
In the vicinity of nearbyNearby
Invest-free Nieoprocentowany (np. pożyczka)
Become evident Turn out
Hail a cabZawołać taksę
Steeped in sth Full of sth
Foresee Predict
Find your feet Adapt, feel comfortable; to become familiar with and confident in a new situation: Did it take you long to find your feet when you started your new job?

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Close-knit Close to each other, having close reltionshionship; A close-knit group of people is one in which everyone helps and supports each other. <Zwarty> a close-knit communi
Persecution Discriminatory treatment because of race, ethnicity, religion, etc. to treat someone unfairly or cruelly because of their race, religion, or beliefs <prześladować> [ often passive ] He was persecuted for his religious beliefs
Off the record Done unofficially, not to public If you say something off the record, you do not want the public to know about it. <nieoficjalnie>
Sand out To be very easy to see or notice, be different, better than other similar things or people and therefore easy to notice <wyróżniać się, odznaczać się> The bright blue letters really stand out on the page. She was a great student, she stood out from the rest. Stand out in a crowd
Prone to sth Easily affected by sth, susceptible (podatny)
Suppressant Sth that reduces, e.g. appetite suppressant, a cough suppressant.
Apprehensive Anxious; feeling anxious about something that you are going to do <pełen obawy> He's a bit apprehensive about living away from home.
Vaccinate To give people vaccine to make them more immune
Ravenous (wygłodniały)Starving
Filthy Very dirty Wash your hands, they're filthy!
Epitomise To be e perfect example of sth <uosabiać> She epitomizes elegance and good taste
In droves In big numbers <masowo>

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Nibble Chew on sth; to eat something by taking very small bites or to bite something gently <skubać, pogryzać> He was nibbling a biscuit
Overnight Immediate, very quickly or suddenly Change does not happen overnight. adjective & adverb
Barring Except for; if something does not happen <o ile nie zdarzy się, oprócz> We should arrive at about five o'clock, barring accidents
Omnipotent Almighty; having unlimited power and able to do anything <wszechmocny> How can a loving, omnipotent God permit disease, war and suffering?
Enhance Improve, boost <poprawiać> Winning that award greatly enhanced her reputation.
Backfire Result in sth opposite If something that you do backfires, it has the opposite result of what you wanted. <odnieść odwrotny skutek>
Deter Stop sth from happening (odstraszać)
Scald Burn with hot water [don’t confuse with scold = tell off, reprimand] (poparzyć)
Scamper Run quickly with short steps < czmychnąć, zmykać>
Stagger Walk very unsteadily, to walk as if you might fall <zataczać się, słaniać się> He staggered drunkenly towards the door
Blaze Shine strongly and brilliantly <płonąć, palić> The sun blazed down on the dry countryside.
Recite Repeat, esp. from memory
Glitter To shine with small flashes of light < skrzyć się> Snow glittered on the mountains. All that glitters is not gold – nie wszytsko złoto, co się świeci

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Trudge Walk slowly and with effort, esp. because you are tired <wlec się wzdłuż/przez/w górę itp.> We trudged back up the hill.
Ambush Waiting the hiding for sb and to attack them by surprise <atakować z ukrycia> [ often passive ] The bus was ambushed by a gang of youths
Eavesdrop Listen secretly to a private conversation <podsłuchiwać> He stood outside the door eavesdropping on their conversation
Embezzle Steal for your own use money that is placed in your care <zdefraudować>
Flicker Burn unsteadily <migotać, mienić się (o świetle, płomieniu) > A candle flickered in the window.
Gaze Look steadily at sth < wpatrywać się w> gaze at/into, etc ; They gazed into each other's eyes.
Overhear Hear from a private conversation by accident
Reinforce e.g attitudes; used withabstract ideas; strengthen (popierać, umacniać)
Derogatory Showing strong disapproval and not showing any respect for someone <uwłaczający, obelżywy> derogatory comments/remarks
Forefathers Sb's forefathers: someone's relatives who lived a long time ago <czyiś przodkowie>
Poke fun at sb Make fun of sb/sth, laugh at sb, mock, redicule
To bear the brunt of sth Suffer the consequences of sth, to get the greater amount or larger part of something bad Ordinary citizens will bear the brunt of higher taxes. The oldest parts of the town bore the brunt of the missile attacks
Entrenched Entrenched ideas are so fixed or have existed for so long that they cannot be changed; deepl/deeply rooted, deep seated, difficult to change <(głęboko) zakorzeniony> These attitudes are firmly entrenched in our culture.
Precarious Dangerous, risky, perilous
The upper echelons The highest positions in companies, government, society <wyższe szczeble> the upper echelons of government/management
To prioritise Consides sth as more important than others <ustalać lub nadawać priorytet> You must learn to prioritize your work.

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