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Question Answer
A practical jokePrank
LunaticMentally ill (crazy,mad)
A wartBrodawka, kurzajka
CunningSneaky; able to get what you want in a clever way, especially by tricking or cheating somebody; chytry, cwany, przebiegły
To impaleTo push a sharp pointed object through something; wbijać, nabijać
A sissyWimp; a boy that other men or boys laugh at because they think he is weak or frightened, or only interested in the sort of things girls like; cykor, maminsynek
ProfoundDeep, very great; felt or experienced very strongly, showing great knowledge or understanding, needing a lot of study or thought, (medical) very serious; complete; przenikliwy, gruntowny, głęboki, wnikliwy
A squalorDirty and unpleasant conditions; brud, nędza, ubóstwo
An obstacleDifficulty, also an object that is in your way and that makes it difficult for you to move forward
A KnobA round switch on a machine such as a television that you use to turn it on and off, etc.;gałka, pokrętł

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A leverA handle used to operate a vehicle or piece of machinery; dźwignia
CropHarvest; a plant that is grown in large quantities, especially as food (uprawa), the amount of grain, fruit, etc. that is grown in one season (plony, zbiory)
To flourishTo thrive; to develop quickly and be successful or common; to grow well; to be healthy and happy; dobrze prosperować, kwitnąć
PalatableHaving a pleasant or acceptable taste; smaczny, do przyjecia (of food or drink)
Coalesce /ˌkəʊəˈlɛs/Come together to form one mass or whole; płączyć się, sprzymierzyć się
A droplet /ˈdrɒplɪt/A very small drop of a liquid; kropelka
To endureTo experience and deal with something that is painful or unpleasant, especially without complaining; znosić, cierpieć, przetrwać = grin and bear sth
Uphill (struggle)To experience and deal with something that is painful or unpleasant, especially without complaining; żmudny
A counterpartA person or thing that has the same position or function as somebody/something else in a different place or situation; odpowiednik (np. osoby, instytucji) a person who has a similar position,duties or responsibilities in a different organization
A milieu /ˈmiːljəː/Background; the social environment that you live or work in; środowisko

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A bloodshedThe killing or wounding of people, usually during fighting or a war; rozlew krwi
Pungent /ˈpʌn(d)ʒ(ə)nt/Ostry (smak, zapach) (of comment, criticism, or humour) having a sharp and caustic quality (zgryźliwy, zjadliwy)
An earmarkA feature or quality that is typical of somebody/something;nacechowany, przeznaczony, cecha charakterystczna,znamię
To baffle (to be baffled)To completely confuse somebody; to be too difficult or strange for somebody to understand or explain; skonsternowany, zdumiony, zbić z tropu, zaskakiwać,udaremnić
To strew (to be strewn with)To scatter; to cover a surface with things; zasypany, rozrzucony, pokryty / To cover (a surface or an area) with untidily scattered things
To inundateTo overwhelm, swamp; to give or send somebody so many things that they cannot deal with them all; flood to cover an area of land with a large amount of water
To dwarfTo make something seem small or unimportant compared with something else;przyćmiewać
To dubTo give somebody/something a particular name, often in a humorous or critical way (przezwać, nazwać)
To shroudTo cover or hide something The city was shrouded in mistery; to hide information or keep it secret and mysterious

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