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Question Answer
DAPdura mater, arachnoid mater, pia mater
gyriraised part
sulcisunken part
seperate cerbral hemisphrelateral fussure
seperate occipital and cerebullumtransverse fissure
seperate frtonal from parietalcentral sulcus
made of grey mattercerebral cortex
held together by corpus callosumcerebral hemisphere
white matter is composed of neuron with _________ wrapped around axonmyelin sheath
what 2 types of neuroglial cells make up myelinoligondendrocyte and schwann cells
funtion: breathingpon
respriatory, cardiac, and vasomotormedulla oblongata
reflex center for head, eye, movementmidbrain
relay stationthalamus
maintian homeostaishypothalamus
cavities lined by ependymal cellsventricles
myelinated neuron that join 2 cerebral hemispherecorpus callosum
interacts with hypothalamuspit gland
going to CNSsensory nerve
away from CNSmotor nerves

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Question Answer
why do sheep have bigger olfactory bulbshave greater sense of smell
cerebral spinal fluid comes fromchoroid plexus
what is mylenated? speeds up or slows down?white matter...speeds up impulse
causes red eyescapillaries in choroad coat reflect light
center of bone filled withyellow marrow
yellow marrow surrounded bycompact bone
consist of concentric layer of hard bone matrixlamella
small spaces withi lamellaelacunae
lacunae lie in the osteocytes
channels connecting lacunae to lacunaecanaliculi
canaliculi also connects to larger central canal known asosteonic canal

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Question Answer
2 coxal bones and sacrum pelvic=pelvic gridle
heel bonecalcaneus
articulates with tibia and fibulatalus
articulations are also calledjoints
immovable sutures of skullsynarthrosis
slightly moveableamphiarthrosis
freely movable jointsdiarthrosis
slide over each othergliding
move side to side/back and forthcondyloid
move in on onle plane onlyhinge
conves with concave other other bonessaddle
rotation in single planepivot
carpals, tarsal, clavicle, and scapulagliding
carpals w/radius and ulna & metacarpals with first phalangescondyloid
elbow, knee, between fingershinge
only thumb jointsaddle
atlas on axispivot
round bone fits into socket..and location?ball and socket..shoulder and hip
what is under rectus femoris and vastus lateralisvastus intermedius
Form myelin sheath by wrapping plasma membrane around axonschwann cells
form myelin sheath around CNS axonsoligodendrocytes
binds neurons to blood vessselsastrocytes
engulf and digest cellular debris and bacteriamicroglial cells
line cavities in brain and spinal cordependymal cells
ventricles:lateral (L&R), thrid and fourth