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What happens to the WBC after SxIt goes up for 1-2 days but then goes back down
Minimum levels for Hb and Hct for elective SxHb: 10mg/dL Hct: 30%
What do you administer if Hb and Hct are low, what's the ratio that they increasePRBCs, Hb1:3Hct
Minimum value of albumin for healing Greater than 3
How long after PRBCs are administered do we see the change in Hb and Hct3 hours, get new labs 4 hours after administration
Why is creatinine better then BUN when assessing renal functionBUN is influenced by hydration status
Therapeutic INR when pt is on Coumadin 2-3
Which pathway does Heparin affectIntrinsic
Which pathway does PTT affectIntrinsic
Which pathway does PT affectExtrinsic

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WBC normal<11.5 k/uL
Hb normal14-18 M; 12-16 F (g/dL)
Hct normal42-52% M; 37-47% F
Platelet normal145-400 k/uL
Na+ normal135-146 mmol/L
Cl- normal96-106 mmol/L
K+ normal3.5-5 mmol/L
Bicarbonate normal24-32 mmol/L
BUN normal10-20 mg/dL
Creatinine normal0.7-1.3 mg/dL
Glucose normal100 mg/dL