Laboratory Techniques (MLS410)

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What are the two types of hybridization methods?Liquid/in solution and solid membrane support method
What happens during the first step of the basic blotting procedure?A mixture of DNA, RNA, or protein is resolved by gel electrophoresis
What are probes? They are singled stranded piece of DNA, RNA, or short oligomer whose base sequence is complimentary to that of the target nucleic acid
In stringent hybridization, the temperature and salt concentrations are... The temperature is higher; The salt concentration is lower
In relaxed hybridization, the temperature and salt concentrations are...The temperature is lower; The salt concentration is higher
What types of dyes can be used to stain nucleic acid molecules?Bromophenol blue or Ethidium bromide
In nucleic acid analysis, what instrument can be used to analyze stains?a densitometer
DNA and RNA absorb maximally at what nm?260
Proteins absorb at what nm?280
True or False, RNA is a stable moleculeFalse
Cell membranes are lysed and proteins are denatured by what?Detergent
DNA is precipitated with what?alcohols
What three methods characterize RNA and DNA for quantity, quality and molecular size?UV spectrophotometry, Agarose gel electrophoresis and Fluorometry
DNA and RNA are _______ charged in electrophoresis.Negatively
True or False, DNA blots are the same as Southern blots.True
What is the formula used to calculate dsDNA in UV spectrophotometry?(absorbance at 260nm) x dilution factor x 50 ug/mL
What two conditions of hybridization control the specificity of the binding between two single stranded portions of nucleic acid?Temperature, Salt Concentration
What are some ways that probes are detected?Exposure to x-ray film; Scintillation counter; Fluorescent microscopy; Fluorometer
What are probes labeled with?Radioisotopes;Enzymes (alkaline phosphatase); Fluorescent compounds; Chemiluminescent compounds
While isolating nucleic acids, what would be some contaminating molecules?Cellular components; Undesired reagents; Environmental particles
Applications of Southern blotting? Mutation detection, polymorphism,structural rearrangement of genes
How are probes detected?Exposure to xray films, scintillation counter, fluoroscent microscopy, fluorometer, colorimeter, spectrophotometer, luminometer
Northern blots are RNA blots: True
Western blots are protein blots: True

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