Lab test 1 flegeller

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Question Answer
Atrichouswithout flageller
monotrichousa single flegeller present
lophotrichousmultipul flegeller present on one end
amphitrichousflegeller on both ends of cell (largest in the world)
peritrichousmany flegeller attached all around the preiferi of the cell
primary stainthe first dye used in a differential stain
mordanta chemicle used to retain and intinsify the primary stain
decolorizationa chemicle used which will removeprimary stain from some cells and not others
counterstainsecondary stain or any subsequant stain used in a differential staining protacol
counter stain the positive microb does whatkeeps primary stain and loses counterstain
counter stain what doe a negativly charged microb doit loses the primary stain and keeps the counterstain

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