Lab techniques

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Section 1

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Dilution seriesStepwise dilution of a stock solution
Standard CurveUsed to determine the concentration of an unknown sample
pH bufferSolution that changes very little when a small amount of strong acid or base is added
ColorimeterUsed to quantify the concentration of a pigmented compound

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Centrifugation Allows substances to be separated according to their size and density.
ChromatographySet of techniques that separate components of a mixture
Protein electrophoresis Uses current flowing through a buffer to separate proteins
Isoelectric pointProteins have an overall neutral charge and can be separated

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Antibody techniquesUsed for the detection & identification of specific proteins
Immunoassay techniquesUse antibodies that are linked to reporter enzymes to cause a colour change in the presence of a specific antigen
Protein binding Proteins are separated & transferred to a membrane which is probed for the protein of interest.
ImmunohistochemistryAntibodies are used to detect the presence of a particular protein antigen within a tissue sample.
HybridomasFormed by fusion of a B lymphocyte with a myeloma cell using polyethylene glycol.

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