Lab Quiz Monday

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Question Answer
Fossil definition?Evidence of past life; remains and hard parts of organisms
What preserve well through geological time? Shells, bones, and teeth
What kind of things have a greater predictability of preservation?Amber, tar pits, and shells in sea
What are Pseudofossils?They look like but are not real fossils
What fossil is usually fouund in Kansas and where?Mosasaur; Flint Hill chalk beds
Where are the oldest exposed rocks found and where are they fromGalena, Mississippian age
What are coprolites?Animals droppings turned into rock
In the Pittsburg area, the shallow seas were surrounded by marshes in the what area/Pennsylvanian Period
What does Paleozoic Fossils mean?Old fossils
Crinoids, Trilobites, Ammonites and Brachiopods found in shallow seas were in what time period?Mississippian and Pennsylvanian
Seed ferns, calamites, and coal in marshes were in what time periodPennsylvanian
How are dinosaurs defined?Land-dwelling, cold-blooded animals (no wings, fins, etc)
What time period was the age of reptiles?Mesozoic
What was the only dinosaur found from the mesozoic era in kansas?Silvasaurus
Famous Kansas mesozoic reptile?Mosasaur, Plesiosaur
What was the age of mammals?Cenozoic; ground sloth, mammoth
When did the Pensylvanian and Mississippian time periods take place?Paleozoic
Describe PennsylvanianSeas and swamps, coal formed, shale and limestone
Describe mississippian?Extensive shallow seas, marine animals
When was hte Jurassic period?Mesozoic