Lab Quiz 26th

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Question Answer
Trace Drinking Water Ozarka Aquifer - Pipes - Water Tower - Taps
Annual Percipitation Total40 inches
What species have gone extinct in kansas?Passenger Pigeons, Carolina Parakeet
What does Biodiversity mean/Variety of Species
Most diverse area on the planet?Tropical Rainforest near the equator
How many kingdoms are there and what are they?Protista, Fungi, Plantae, Animalia
What are the 3 domains?Bacteria, Archaea, Eukarya (true nucleus, larger cells)
Algae and Protozoans are in what kingdom?Protista (Types of Movement)
Mushrooms and Molds are in what kingdom?Fungi (Number of cells)
Chlorophyll and Cell Walls are a part of what kingdom?Plantae (Vascular Stems)
Sponges and humans are in what kingdom? Animalia (Presence of a nerve cord protected by a backbone)
Lichen with bark is what kingdom?Protista, Plantae, and fungi
Sea Anemone is what kingdom?Animalia
Red Algae is what kingdom? Protista
Taxonomists do what?Classify species in hierarchy
What is used to determine similarities and differences among speciesDNA
What is Binomial NomenclatureTwo-name naming system
How do you write a species name?Lynx rufus (underlined or italicized)
What are names typically based on?Latin or Greek
What was the early version of taxonomy based on?Size
Who created Bionomial Nomenclature?linnaeus (Genus & identifier)
What kind of tree was talked about in Panama?Dypterix
What animals do the seeds go through to spread?Bats and agouti

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