Lab Practical- Connective Tissue

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What are four main types of tissue?Epithelial, Connective, Muscle & Nerve
Characteristics of Connective tissue?Abundant Intercellular matrix, wide range of vascularity
what are 4 subtypes of Connective tissue?Connective tissue proper, blood, bone & cartilage
What are 3 components of Connective tissue?Ground substance (composed of interstitial fluid), Fibers, Cells
Ground substance + Fibers =Matrix

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characteristics of Collagenous fibers:white, thick, tough & strong, high tensile strength, stains pink on slides
characteristics of Elastic fibers:Yellow, thin, elastic, can stretch & recoil, stains dark
characteristics of Reticular fibers:branched & jagged in appearance, supportive network for other cells, stains very dark
which is the most abundant fiber in connective tissue?Collagen fibers
Loose fiber arrangement:few fibers and many cells
Dense fiber arrangement:many fibers and few cells

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Cells found in Connective Tissue Proper:Fibroblasts, Mast cells, Mesenchymal cells, Macrophages
Which connective tissue cell produces collagen?Fibroblasts
Which connective tissue cell produces histamine & heparin?Mast Cells
Which connective tissue cells are phagocytic (gobble stuff up)?Macrophages
which connective tissue cell produces the ground substance in connective tissue?Fibroblasts
What can be classified as "embryonic connective tissue"?Mesenchyme
Connective tissue cells that act in the inflammatory response?Mast cells & Macrophages
Which connective tissue cells provide support?Fibroblasts
Which connective tissue cells MAKE FIBERS?Fibroblasts
Which connective tissue cells are a part of the immune system?Mast cells

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"special type of loose connective tissue"Adipose Connective Tissue
Areolar, Adipose & Reticular connective tissues have a __________ fiber arrangement.loose
Regular & Irregular connective tissues have a ______ fiber arrangement.dense
_______ has an equal amount of collagenous & elastic fibers.Areolar connective tissue
_______ is found b/t & w/in organ/gland walls, around vessels, & is deep to the epithelium.Areolar Connective tissue
What is a function of Areolar Connective tissue?wraps & cushions organs
Where is Adipose Connective tissue found?under skin
Name a function of Adipose connective tissue.insulation, energy storage
What is another name for adipose cells?adipocytes
_______ contains reticular fibers.Reticular connective tissue
Reticular connective tissue is found where?bone marrow
Name a function of Reticular connective tissue.provides a soft internal skeleton that supports other cell types
Where is Dense Regular Connective tissue found?tendons
Name a function of dense Regular Connective tissue.withstand tension in a single plane/direction
Collagen fibers are parallel to each other in ________.Dense Regular Connective tissue
Collagen finers are irregularly arranged in________.Dense Irregular Connective tissue
Where is Dense Irregular Connective tissue?joint capsules
What is a function of Dense Irregular Connective tissue?withstand tension in several planes/directions