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Question Answer
fraction of lipoprotiens with highest cholesterol LDL
Best Cholesterol HDL
Metoclapramid Testprolactin
Best test for Hyperthyroidism TSH Test
GHRCF TestAcromegealy
TRIH Test differnital diagnosis of secondary/tertiary hypothyroidism
Normal plasma in glucose70-120 mg/dl
DM diagnosis elevated fasting plasma > 125 mg/dl
Bone fraction Markers BALP/ osteoclacin/ PINP
Diagnosis Sensativity high percentage of positive results in ill pt
Vitamin B12 deficiency halotramcobulimin
CA 15-3 Breast Cancer
AFP Liver Cancer

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Question Answer
CA-125 Ovarian Cancer
Creatine KinaseMM- muscle MB- Heart BB-Brain
Acute Blood Lossincreased number in platelets
Normal range of lymphocytes in 4 y/o 60-70%
Rouleau Formation multiple myeloma
CLL Blood Smear Lymphocytes/ prolymphocytes/ lymphoblasts
increased MCV/ MCH myeoblastic anemia
Physiological Polycythemia newborn
Initial Hemostatic Tests PLT/ PT/ APTT
Prolongation of APTT/ PT indicates Heparin Administration
decreased FVII and normal FV/ FVIIIintrinsic pathway defects
Metabolic acidosis hyperventilation
Residual Cations K/NA/MG

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Question Answer
Potassium is responsible for intracellular water volume/ muscle/ heart activity disorder
Calcium Serum ionized calcium
Ferritin is best indicator Iron Body Storage
increased serum levels of amylase pacreatitis/ mumps
Liver secretion enzymes CHE/ Prothrombin
Key role of HDL trasnport of cholesterol from tissue and intestines to Liver
VLDL originates from the liver
Bleeding time is best test for platelet function/ structure disorders
PT is used for control of long term anticoagulant therapy/ evaluation of liver function/ evaluation of coagulation factor
Best test for anticougalant therapy PT/ INR
INR is prothrombin time
PC and APC are inhibitors of Factor VIII and Va
K dependant Proteins factor II/ VII/ IX/ X/ PS

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Question Answer
Oligaria Volume within 24 hours 400-100 ml per 24 hours of urine
Urine analysis with pyuria/ bacteria/ white blood casts Pylonephritis
Decreased glucose in CSFbacterial infection
Negative reactive acute phase proteins albumin/ transferrin
Cardiac insufficiency markers ANP/ BNP
Heart necrosis markers troponin
Iron defficency marker soluble transferrin receptor