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primary hypothyroidismTSH ↑, FT4 ↓
subclinical hypotryroidismTSH↑, FT4 N
ovarian cancer markerCA 125
CRC, liver cancer, pancreatic cancerCA 19-9
breast cancer markerCA 15-3
marker of tumor cell proliferationTPS (phase S and G)
biomarker of kidney damageNGAL
grey zone PSA4-10 mg/L
CRF ion changesK↑, Na↓, Ca↓
WBC in CSF0-5 cells/μL
ESR newborns0-2 mm/h
ESR babies12-17 mm/h
ESR adultsM 3-8mm/h F 3-10mm/h
neutrophilia indicatesbacterial infection
CLL which cells presentlymphocytes, prolymphocytes, lymphoblasts
CML which cells presentneu, band neu, metamyelocytes, myelocytes, promyelocytes, myeloblast
AML markerscMPO, CD13, CD33
thrombocytosis is not typical in which leukemiaAML
left shift not typical in which leukemiaCLL
PolycythemiaRBC↑, HGB↑, HCT↑
↑PT & ↑APTThypofibrynogenemia
↑PTcoumarin, DIC, factors 1,2,7 deficiency, salicylates
Coagulation factors produced in liver1,2,5,7,9,10
[fibrynogen]200-400 mg/dL
↓fibrynogenDIC, severe liver disease
↑ fibrynogen inCHD, acute inflammation
Osmolarity formula1,86 [Na+] + [glucose] + [urea]
total protein conc. in serum60-80 g/L
vit. B12 transportertranscobalamin
vit. B12 deficiency markerholotranscobalamin
iron deficiency markersoluble transferrin receptor
bone resorption markerTRAcP, PYD, DPD, NTx, CTx, ICTP
↓CSF glucosebacterial infection
protein prodused only in CSFNSE (neuron specyfic enolase)
Megaloblastic anemia which testbone marrow scan essential
↑MCV & ↑MCHmegaloblastic anemia
diabetes mellitusHbA1C > 6.5%
choledolithiasis RF↑bile pigments, ↑Ca++, ↑cholesterol salts
reason for hypernatremiahyperaldosteronism
physiologically active form of calciumionized Ca++
isoenzyme associated with testes seminomaLDH 1
metoclopramide is a specific test forprolactin
OGT proper results 0,1,2h80,210,120 mg/dL
OGT diabetic results 0,1,2h80,220,210 mg/dL
Highest specificity for RAanti CCP antibodies
Most sensitive marker for MIM-FASB
DICfibrynogen↓, D-d↑, PT↑, APTT↑, BT↑
HDWindex of anisochromic erythrocytes
NAPnegative alkaline phosphatase
Low or negative NAP reaction onCML
B cell markersCD5, CD19, CD23
liver indicatory enzymesALT, AST, LDH
liver excretory enzymesALP, GGT, 5'NU
liver secretory enzymesCHE, prothrombin
vitamin K dependent factors2,7,9,10, PC, PS


Question Answer
test detecting hemophiliaAPTT
BT value4 - 7min
APTT value24 - 35 sec
PT value11,5 - 15 sec
Enzymes increased in acute viral hepatitisliver indicatory enzymes
Enzymes increased in Paget's disease, cholestasisliver excretory enzymes
tubular proteinuria markerbeta2, alfa1 microglobulin
parasite present in bileechinococcus granulosus
parasite absent in bileGiardia lamblia
increased lvl of amylase inpanceatitis, mumps


Question Answer
[Na+]135 - 146 mmol/L
[K+]3,7 - 5,3 mmol/L
[Ca++]2,1 - 2,6 mmol/L
Osmolar gap value0 - 10 mOsm/kg
Anion gap value3 – 11 mEq/L
lipoproteins order in electrophoresisHDL, VLDL, LDL, chylomicrons
INR when patient is on warfarin2 - 3,5
PCT is not a good marker ofburns
Smal cell lung cancer markerpro GRP NSE
action of lipoprotein CIILPL activation
APTT test is used to assessvon Willebrand factor
typical for nephrotic syndromehyper α2 globulinemia
Pregnancy lvls of PC and PS↑PC, ↓PS
Albuminuria30-300 mg/24h
Barbiturate overdose causeresiratory acidosis

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